20 Thoughts I Had While Traveling with My Baby

This post originally appeared on SheintheCle.com

We recently returned from our first vacation as a family of three. To get there, we flew to Florida and then had to drive another hour or so. Here’s a log of some of my thoughts during the travel to and from our destination.


At the airports:

Did we really need to pack all this?

Thank goodness we packed THAT (and that and that and that and that).

Thank goodness for TSA pre-check and babywearing.

We definitely didn’t need to pack all this.

*High-fives self for putting all her diaper change stuff into a single ziplock bag.*

Aww, look at her waving to everyone.

OK, that person is a stranger, stop waving.

Seriously, now no one is even looking at you – why are you waving?

Hey, airport – your changing tables suck.

On the planes:

Okkkkk, 45 minutes killed through a nap on the plane – 1.5 hours to go….

Yeah, good – go play with daddy.

*Wiping down my tray table and seat with antibacterial wipes* HAHA take that germs!

*Baby reaches for something not sanitized.* LOLOLOLOLOL

Seriously, thank goodness we packed that.

Really, I lugged all these toys….and you want the SAFETY CARD?

THIS IS TRAUMATIZING FOR ME, TOO. (While changing her diaper on the closed toilet seat in the plane bathroom because there was no changing table.)

At least it’s someone else’s baby crying and not mine. (I know this is terrible but sometimes you can’t help it.)

In the car:

Why do we have so much stuff?

Please, please, please go to sleep.

Do you think the baby will notice/wake up if I eat some of her snacks?


Can you relate?

What are some of your thoughts as you travel with children?


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