Italian-Style Turkey Meatballs for baby

Happy Friday! How was your week?

Things were pretty good over here, although either allergy season is in full swing or  I have a bit of a cold. 😐

Workout wise, I rounded out the week (after swimming and a HIIT run), with strength at the gym on Thursday, while Friday turns into a rest day because I was up for a good bit of the night coughing. Overall, I had some solid, tough workouts this week, so I’m feeling good.

I followed our meal plan exactly this week (doesn’t always happen). I already mentioned Tuesday’s dish was not what I was hoping it would be, but I managed to save it on Wednesday by cooking up some rice, canned tomatoes and frozen corn, and using the black beans for burrito bowls. Unfortunately, Monday’s dinner was a true flop. I had made that dish before but it didn’t turn out the same at all. It was quite disappointing.

It was also kind of a problem because while the leftovers were OK enough for me to eat, I couldn’t give any to Vera (the peppers weren’t cooked enough). Since she eats what we eat (rather than traditional baby food), I rely on leftovers for her lunches.

Luckily, during my meal prepping last weekend, I threw together a batch of meatballs for her that I keep in the freezer. In the past, I’ve followed this recipe exactly (and Vera loved them!), but I  changed it up this time.

I wanted to amp up the flavor big time, and since Vera seems to really like Italian food, I went in that direction. In addition, the original recipe calls for applesauce, but I frequently use applesauce in her oatmeal, so I wanted to make sure she has a little variety.

The result? Success! For one thing, Mike kept trying to sneak bites of them behind my back after I let him try one (he’s my tester). And the baby? Oh, she loved them, too.

I was happy, too, because these meatballs are easy to make (so I’m not spending hours preparing food for the baby) and they freeze so well (making them perfect for weekday lunches). And since I made them myself, I know exactly what’s in them – and it’s all food that is so good for my daughter! What’s not to love about that?

Hope you enjoy!

ItalianTurkeyMeatballs*Adjust seasonings based on your baby’s taste buds. Mine loves lots of flavor in her food.

Adapted from this recipe


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