Weekend highlights: chilly Spring days + a First Communion

Happy Monday!! (Fake it ’til you make it, right :)). Actually, I don’t typically mind Mondays, it’s just that the weekends pass by so fast. This one was no exception, of course. Here are the highlights…


  • We started the weekend off out and about a little earlier than usual for Marianna’s First Communion. Marianna is my oldest niece (Mike’s brother’s daughter). The Mass was very nice (she got to help bring up the gifts #soproud), and then we all went over to the hall for a family lunch.


She’s only eight, but she’s one of my favorite people in the whole world <3.


Cousins! Yes, Vera is clapping…for no reason.


Funny story: I asked Marianna to go around and give all of her guests a hug/thank them for coming. This is the exchange we had:

Mar: So I should just like go up to them and hug them?

Me: Yes.

Mar: But I don’t want to freak them out! 

Bahahaha. I can’t even with her sometimes.

  • With the rainy, chilly weather, and the fact that I’m still battling this cold/allergy thing, some playtime at home on Saturday afternoon was much-needed.

We’re going through an independent phase 😐 and that includes Vera’s desire to feed herself everything (for many months, she has been feeding herself by hand but we feed her some stuff with a spoon), so we’re making giant messes during mealtime while we practice with the spoon and sippy cup.

Dealing with this could be a blog post in itself. It’s fun to watch her learn new things, but it’s frustrating for me when she wants to do something but doesn’t know how and gets frustrated – phew. So I end up doing things like letting her hand feed herself oatmeal (oatmeal!) and then trying to stay calm while she gets it everywhere (like her ears). We’re all learning over here 🙂


  • Lots of meal prep! I made some not-so-sweet sweet potato muffins for Vera and she LOVES them. Mike and I like them, too. 🙂 Unfortunately, they kind of stuck to the pan so I need to try again with a few tweaks before I share on the blog.
  • My parents (Nona and Papa to Vera) came over for lunch. I made chicken, veggie and noodle soup, and threw together a salad. Then Vera had some solid playtime with her grandparents. Not sure who had more fun – Vera or my parents 🙂
  • Got in some outside time! It was still chilly but at least the sun was out finally. I squeezed in a quick 3-mile run right before lunchtime. I know I just said I am still battling whatever I have that’s making me cough…but I couldn’t say no to the sun. We also got out for a family walk right before Vera’s dinner.


And that just about does it. Hope your week is off to a good start!


What was a highlight from your weekend?

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