What Vera Eats in a Day {10 months old}

A typical day of eats for my 10-month-old 

Hi! Hope everyone had a good Monday. Before we dive into it today, I wanted to share a couple links you might find interesting:

  • I’m excited to join the roster of bloggers at Northeast Ohio Parent magazine. You can read my intro post here.
  • I published a new post at SheintheCle.com about lying to my nieces – in a good way! Please check it out.


I thought it would be fun to share a peek into what Vera eats on a typical day at 10 months old (nearly 11!).


First, let me say that fed is best, so there is no judgment here. I have absolutely NO idea if I am feeding her the right amount of food or what….but she seems happy and content, and is gaining weight, so I guess I am. OK, here it goes…

6 am: Nurse!

7:30 am: Breakfast. Usually I’ll feed her oatmeal and yogurt.


Monday’s combination was apple peanut butter cinnamon oatmeal and strawberry “yogurt”: really Ruby Rockets Stellar Strawberry Dairy-Free Yogurt <– SO GOOD. (Vera has a dairy intolerance, thus the dairy-free alternative.) I….uh, Vera also loves the blueberry flavor 🙂

(The oatmeal is frozen, FYI. I cook up regular old-fashioned oats in bulk and freeze them in individual portions (using a muffin tin). I pull out one serving the night before, let it thaw in the fridge until breakfast time when her caregiver (my father-in-law on Mondays) will heat it up and stir everything together.)

My schedule was a little goofy on Monday, so I worked out at home and got to catch a glimpse of Vera getting breakfast from her Opa.


10 am: Bottle of expressed breastmilk, 6 ounces

12 pm: Lunchtime! Usually it’s leftovers, homemade meatballs or an egg and some veggies.


Monday’s lunch was leftover chicken, veggie and noodle soup from Sunday. Plus a side of raspberries.

2 pm: Another bottle of expressed breastmilk, also 6 ounces.

5 pm: Snack: Mum-Mum teething crackers – I wanted to sneak in a quick walk since the sun was out again, so the snack was to distract her while I did the dishes and hold her over until dinner.


At daycare, she often has her snack a little earlier in the afternoon, and it’s usually teething crackers like yesterday, or veggies and fruit. Or all three…hey, my kid likes to eat.

5:30 pm: Dinner. 1/2 an egg, 1/2 a sweet potato muffin and 1/2 a banana. Kind of random, but she loved it. 🙂 Seriously though, I think I am learning she likes meals that mix it up rather than being too much of the same thing.


7 pm: Nurse right before bed.

Phew, that’s it!


What does your kid eat on a daily basis?

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