Slow Cooker Chakchouka (veggies and eggs)

Sometimes you stumble on a recipe and it’s immediately a winner, so you turn to it again and again. That’s what this chakchouka recipe is for us. I had never even heard of chakchouka or would have known how to look for a recipe like this….which is funny, because it’s such a simple, straightforward dish. I mean…it’s just veggies and eggs. Seriously, that’s it!


And yet. It’s warm and comforting. It’s filling but light. It’s familiar but still exciting. And, best of all: since it’s made in the slow cooker….it’s easy peasy 🙂

Slow cooker pro tip: When you can, sauté your onions and garlic on the stove first. I KNOW this is another step….but it adds serious depth of flavor. I definitely do NOT do this all the time – especially during the week – but I recommend doing it whenever possible.

OK, so that’s the first step….sauté those yummy onions and garlic.


You’ll also need to chop the veggies: zucchini and bell peppers, and throw those in the slow cooker base along with a can of diced tomatoes.


Add the onions and garlic, as well as salt and pepper. Stir to combine! After 2.75 hours, this is what it looks like:


Crack four eggs over top and cook for another half hour….and then it’s time to dig in.

If I want to stretch this over a couple meals, I’ll serve it over brown rice. Otherwise, it’s about two adult portions (1.5 eggs each) and two baby portions (.5 egg each). Hope you enjoy!


Serving option: Serve over brown rice. Pasta or crusty bread would also be good!

20170507_122203 copy

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