Weekly Meal Plan – Week of 5/15

It’s going to be 80+ degrees this week, so Mike officially vetoed any kind of soup. As revenge, I made him come up with at least one suggestion for dinner – he delivered with a request for pulled chicken over rice on Tuesday. 🙂

We love serving it up with BBQ sauce, and I’m always on the hunt for one that’s tasty but also soy-free (Vera can’t have it) and low-sugar. I stumbled on the perfect one at Marc’s: Great Lakes Brewing Dortmunder.


You KNOW that’s going to be good. It helps that it matches our fridge, which is currently stocked with Great Lakes beer.


Hey, a key part of healthy living is balance. (cue the strawberries in the background! :0).

Anyway, here’s what’s on the menu:

Monday: Turkey, veggie and pasta rice back. Browned turkey, frozen veggies and cooked pasta go into a casserole dish with tomato sauce and seasonings, and it all cooks together for about 30  minutes. Easy, filling and delicious –> winner.

Tuesday: The aforementioned pulled chicken (in the slow cooker with broth, some BBQ sauce and onions) over instant brown rice (#realmom), some cooked up frozen veggies (#see previous hashtag) and more BBQ sauce.

Wednesday: Leftovers. I’m at a work event all day where there will be a lot of food, so I know I won’t want a heavy dinner. Plus there will be plenty of chicken left.

Thursday: Quinoa with a simple marinara sauce. I’ll have to share my tricks to a quick marinara sometime…

Friday: The usual: chicken sausage and sweet potato fries. Can’t beat it.

Hope you have a good rest of your weekend!


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