Weekend Highlights: Mother’s Day

Hello, hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Mother’s Day celebrating the moms/mother figures in your life. It was my first official Mother’s Day as a mom, and it was a good one. Sometimes it’s still hard to believe I’m a mom…and it’s crazy how time is flying.


Collage picture from Facebook: 

  • Photo of me pregnant (35 weeks)
  • Photo of Vera a few days after being born
  • Photo of Vera now (11 months)

We also got in some solid outside time and, of course, yummy eats and meal prep for the week. Here are a few of the highlights:


  • This little one turned 11 months old.


The pic is kind of blurry, but it appropriately summarizes how things are around here lately: chaotic and always on the go. Stay tuned for a full 11-month recap this week!

  • Sweating to start the day. I typically wake up early (4:30-5) on the weekends to get in a workout, enjoy breakfast and coffee, and maybe get a few other things done before the baby wakes up. I slept in a little on Saturday (until 5:30), but still squeezed in a good workout. I did two of my favorite workout videos and highly recommend them separately or together if you are short on time but want to get some movement in: –> both JessicaSmithTV.


Enough to leave me sufficiently sweaty. 🙂

  • We went to a Mother’s Day brunch at my aunt’s house. We had a delicious feast and enjoyed some quality family time.

Somehow we only managed to snap a couple photos, but chalk it up to our attention being focused on food and family.

  • After we returned home from brunch and Vera finished napping, Vera and I went for a two-mile walk and then stopped by the park on the way home.


She loves swinging. 🙂

  • Baked risotto for dinner. Another Prause House classic 🙂 I use this recipe as a guide, but often change up the veggies and seasoning. Saturday it was asparagus, red pepper and yellow squash for the veggies, and basil and thyme for the herbs.

It was quite delicious! Probably not a good contender for a weeknight meal, unless you prepped it in advance. But I love making it on the weekend because it results in plenty of leftovers….which takes care of lunches for Vera and me for early in the week.


  • Meal prep in the morning – it always feels good to start the week with meal prep done.


I actually didn’t have too much to do, so I took the opportunity to stock up on cooked oatmeal for Vera’s breakfasts (which I store in the freezer –> if you follow me on Instagram (@stephanie_prause) you may have seen my trick of the trade in action!).

  • One of my wishes for the day was a solo run outside…and it was granted. I did 5 miles and felt pretty good, despite having sore legs from workouts on Friday and Saturday.
  • Mother’s Day lunch and an afternoon with Mike’s family. We went out to lunch and then headed to his parents’ house for dessert and relaxation.

Being silly, as usual.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend….let’s do this, Monday!


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