Vera at 11 months

Vera turned 11 months old on Saturday. One month shy of one year. Where these last 11 months have gone, I’ll never know.


Here’s an overview of what Vera is like at 11 months.

Weight: Probably about 21 pounds, unofficially.

Height: Not sure…we should really measure her, haha.

Clothing size: Mostly 9 months, but some 12 months –> especially pants.

Eating: I think she would eat every hour if we offered her food. She just likes to eat. But what seems to be working is four (sometimes five) nursing sessions/bottles of pumped milk per day, plus “real” food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. As far as what she eats, well…. she eats what we eat. An example of her typical day of eating can be found here.


Above is a snack of boiled carrots while I prepped dinner on Saturday.

Sleeping: Vera has always been a good sleeper, barring minor teething episodes. She goes to bed pretty reliably around 7 pm and sleeps through the night. During the week she is up at 6 am – sometimes we wake her up then, other times she wakes up on her own. On the weekends, I let her sleep in if she wants, and she’ll typically sleep until about 7-7:20.

Napping is a little more all over the place. She is now at a point where she’ll usually take two solid (45 minutes-1 hour or more) per day, but then last week at daycare, she took three. We just roll with it – whenever she seems tired, we put her down.

Milestones: While she’s been doing laps in the basement with her learning walker for many weeks now, she just started furniture cruising in the last few days. She often stands with no hands on anything (and has been doing so for months), and I feel like she is really analyzing the whole walking thing. I’m really not in a rush, so let her analyze away. :). One thing is for sure – she loves to be on the go… I often end up with blurry photos, like so:


Other milestones for the month include:

  • Giving kisses
  • Stacking blocks (rather than just knocking ’em over)
  • Making funny faces on purpose
  • Tantrums – Ohhh this girl is strong willed. She will arch backwards if you try to change her diaper or get her dressed, or she will lay her head down on the ground if she’s sitting and doesn’t want to do something. Usually singing Old McDonald, Someday Baby or another lullaby helps.


  • Being chased by mom and dad
  • Eating
  • Waving at strangers (or at nothing)
  • Mommy’s singing
  • Making funny faces


  • Getting her diaper changed
  • Getting dressed
  • Having her nose wiped
  • Being too hungry or too tired
  • When mommy puts her down
  • When mommy hands her over to someone (once she’s there, she’s fine…but the act of being handed over is not her favorite)
  • Getting put into her carseat (again, fine once she’s in, but she puts up a big fight while getting strapped in)


We are totally in awe of Vera. She makes us belly laugh when she belly laughs, and it’s just the best. Every month just keeps getting better and better and, while I wish time would slow. down., we’re also having such fun every day.


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