5 Favorites Friday 3

Happy Friday! It felt like a loooong weekend, probably because of my 5-night stretch of 3 am pumping that I started last weekend. I know I remarked on my high energy earlier this week but I was definitely dragging by Tuesday night and on Wednesday. Then Thursday I had to pick Vera up from daycare because she had a fever (I think it’s teething, ugh). Anywho, there was still lots to smile about this week (besides full nights of sleep Wednesday and Thursday night!) so let’s review!

  1. Interval running. Thursday was one of those mornings when I started to dread my planned treadmill run while getting ready. As I was driving Vera to daycare, I was trying to talk myself into strength training instead – ha! But once I hopped on the treadmill – and especially once I got into my intervals – I was so happy. It felt good to push myself. Here’s what my run looked like (pretty similar to this one): Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 7.45.58 PM
  2. My nieces. They light up my world. And look at this adorable note my oldest wrote about me…IMG_20170521_155309_871“Aunt Stephanie is amazing and cool, and funny” –> in cursive! Hopefully Vera thinks I’m all those things when she’s 8!
  3. Red lipstick. I threw out alllll my makeup in a panic that my pink eye was returning, so had to get all new stuff. I picked up a shade of cherry red lipstick and I think I like it?20170523_081051
  4. Fresh air. Ahhh it felt good to get outside a few days after work early this week and enjoy the sun on my skin –> this will probably be a highlight alllll summer. I appreciate these walks even more since it’s been rainy the best couple of days. We cap our walks off with visits to the park, of course.20170522_172855
  5. Vera’s love of food. She was playing and made her way over to the bag of food I had packed her for daycare (because we have to keep plenty of back-up food there for her – haha). I don’t think it was an accident :). PS Sprout Quinoa Puffs are a favorite around here! 20170524_064149

I hope you all enjoy your (hopefully long) weekend!


What’s something that made you smile this week?


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