Weekend Highlights: The Unofficial Start of Summer

Hi there! Happy Tuesday. Hopefully you’re feeling refreshed after a long weekend. I sure am – it felt like we fit a lot in over three days, but we also had some downtime mixed in, which was much needed. Here’s a recap, sentence per picture style!

After Vera went to bed on Friday night, I whipped together homemade vanilla pudding (with real vanilla beans!) for dessert on Saturday.


We spent Saturday morning cleaning and doing yard work, plus Vera and I ran some errands.


We went to Target specifically for shoes for Vera – but of course came out with much more, including this table runner that I love!


Then we came home and got ready for my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration!


I failed at taking pictures, but my niece and I did get out for a bike ride, something I hadn’t done since getting pregnant in September 2015.


My niece also made me this heart-warming picture.


After everyone left and everything was cleaned up, Mike and I sat outside and had some drinks –> so relaxing!


We stayed close to home on Sunday to make sure Vera was over her minor bug, but I did get in a (sweaty) 5-mile run.


I set Vera up with a water table so we could spend some time outside together without getting too hot.


She loved it!


In the  meantime, Mike worked on a home decor project using his grandpa’s old ladder.


Then one of my long-time friends and her sister-in-law came over with their babies for a little playdate.



Vera was up early on Monday morning, and then crashed around 8 am for 2.5 hours –> this is crazy long for her!


She needed her rest though because then my good friend came over and we took Vera out in the stroller for a 4-mile run, followed by some playtime.


We headed over to my mom’s for a cookout, including some more water playtime.


Definitely a great way to unofficially kick off summer!


How was your weekend?

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