Halfway through a short week + prenatal workouts

Well hello there! If you have a short workweek, how’s it feeling for you: passing by in a flash or seeming more like 6 days than 4?

Not only are we halfway through the weekend already but it’s also JUNE, which is the month my baby was born, which means her first birthday is rapidly approaching. Sorry, just a minute…I have something in my eye….

Aaaanywho, yesterday I briefly mentioned that I used to do the low-impact version of a workout video while pregnant, which inspired me to share this round-up of prenatal workouts I first shared on She in the Cle in January 2016. 

(39 weeks, 2 days –> post-workout pic)

I shared a wide variety of workouts, including at-home videos, running, miscellaneous cardio and strength. Here is the strength workout I shared – which would be good for anyone, pregnant or not:



Does this week feel like a short one so far?

Did you workout while pregnant?

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