Week of Workouts

Happy Friday!!! I spent last night working on Vera’s baby books rather than blogging so I don’t have 5 favorites to share with you today. Instead I thought I’d recap my week of workouts.

I want to have her books ready for her first birthday party, but I haven’t exactly been keeping up with them over the last year. I made a ton of progress last night and just have a few pieces of information left to add. Woo! 

There was also this: 

Oh watermelon season…I’ve missed you.

With that, here’s what my last week of workouts looked like starting on Saturday.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 5-mile run

Monday: 4-mile stroller run

Tuesday: Swam 10 laps

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: HIIT Like a Girl Round 2 video

Friday: Off to the gym in a few to do strength

I loved my two runs! However between last week and this, today is the first time I’m getting weighted strength in…and I miss it. In general I think with the warmer weather, running will start to be  bigger part of my workout routine, which is great. I’ll just need to make sure I make time for my strength stuff, too. 


What did your week of workouts look like?

Do you miss any type of workout if you don’t do it for awhile?

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