Weekly Meal Plan – Week of 6/5

I’m checking in briefly today with our weeknight menu for next week.

plan a

This quote felt appropriate (source) because, to be honest, I’m in a little bit of a meal-planning rut. To find kitchen inspiration, I am breaking my “no new recipes on a weeknight” not once but TWICE this week. Things are getting craaaaazy around here – haha!

The quote is also reminding to be flexible with these plans – it’s a guide, particularly later in the week. (The prep work I do is usually just for Monday and Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday.)

So we’ll see how this goes, but the new recipes do have me excited!

Monday: Pasta primavera –> a new one!

Tuesday: Potato-egg salad –> another new one. I admit, it sounds weird when I say it but seems like it will be DELICIOUS when I look at the ingredient list/directions.

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Veggie burgers (frozen) and a roasted veggie (it depends what’s on sale and what looks good, but probably asparagus or broccoli)

Friday: The usual: Chicken sausage and sweet potato fries. We actually got takeout from Aladdin’s last Friday so we could go on a bike ride, so it’s not like we actually have this allll the time. It’s just an easy dish to plan for on Friday because we always have the sausage and potatoes on hand, so if we skip it, nothing goes to waste.


What’s on your menu this week and/or what’s the best thing you had for dinner last week?

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