Weekend highlights: bike rides + the zoo

How’s it going on this lovely Monday morning? It was a beautiful summer weekend overall here in Cleveland, even with a little rain on Sunday morning. That makes easing into Monday bittersweet – I feel refreshed after some solid outdoor time, but wish every weekend could be three days long.

With that, let’s recap the highlights!



We got out for our first family bike ride! We have a cart that attaches to Mike’s bike for Vera, and she loved riding along. It gives her a different vantage point than the stroller and it was fun to see her smile when she remembered that I was riding along next to her.


Love Vera’s helmet 🙂

We ended up getting takeout for dinner rather than our usual because we wanted to have enough time for Mike’s yard work and our bike ride. Anytime I can talk Mike into getting Aladdin’s, it’s a highlight.

Tabouli + falafel for me, grape leaves (yes, really!) and chicken for Vera.


After a trip to the grocery store and Vera’s morning nap, we headed to the zoo!


It was a beautiful day to be out and about, and we stayed for about 2.5 hours checking out the animals. There were a couple snack breaks thrown in, too 🙂


After we got home from the zoo, Vera napped for two hours –> score! Once she was awake, we went for another family bike ride. After that, it was already time for dinner and bath and bed for the baby.


I spent a couple hours meal prepping for Vera. I made a batch of savory sweet potato muffinsitalian-style turkey meatballs and oatmeal. Then Vera and I headed out for a run. We got in about two miles before the rain picked up. I dropped her back at home and then headed out for another soggy two miles.

Our usual Sunday afternoon then commenced – visits with Mike’s parents and then my parents. Once we got home, we fed Vera an egg for a light dinner and then got her into bed. We wrapped up the night with an episode of The Man in the High Castle and some Cavs basketball.

All in all it was a great one!


Do you enjoy bike rides?

What was one highlight from your weekend?

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