Have baby, will travel

Traveling with babies and toddlers is a skill. No, seriously. I did it when Vera as a baby – 10 months old – and had my husband and in-laws with me, and I was STILL wishing I had an extra hand (or two) (or five).


There’s lots and lots of travel advice online, all of which I read before our trip to Florida. I probably overdid it with the amount of info I read, actually, which is fairly typical for me 🙂

Some of what I read stuck, some of what seemed like good advice turned out to be useful, some went in one ear and out the other.

I thought it’d be helpful to share the three pieces of advice that I found to be the most useful (aka, that I’d use again):

  1. Pack all diaper-changing necessities in a single gallon-sized freezer bag. 
  2. Wear your baby through security.
  3. Try to stick to a rough version of your baby’s schedule.

You can read my full thoughts on baby travel, these pieces of advice and more over at NortheastOhioParent.com.

I also recently shared my no-nonsese carry-on bag checklist for traveling with a baby or toddler.

Finally, for a bit of laughs about the whole thing, here are 20 thoughts I had while traveling with my baby.

Enjoy your day!



Have you ever traveled with a baby? What was your experience like? What advice do you have for others?

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