5 Favorites Friday 4

Today is kind of an extra special Friday because it’s one year from my due date with Vera! Of course, she was a liiiittle stubborn and waited another four days to actually enter the world, but nonetheless, I am feeling a little sentimental about today.

OK enough of that. Time for a recap of a few things that made me happy this week!

1 – The scrunchy face


We have absolutely no clue where this came from, but we LOVE it. She makes it when she’s happy, finds something insanely funny or is being silly. It’s so cute.

2 – Pretty flowers


This flower basket is thriving on our back deck, and it makes us so happy when we glance out and see it. And Vera loves looking at it, too.

3 – A classic beer


Love me some Eliot Ness 🙂

4 – Fun scarves.


I know it’s summer and I’m supposed to pack my scarves away, but my office is pretty cold, so I feel justified wearing it.

5 – The Man in the High CastleThis Amazon series is so good and so addicting. I think we watched at least one episode every night this week (our version of binge watching). I highly recommend it if you are into historical fiction.

I’d love to hear one or more of your favorite things from the week, so please share them in the comments!



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  1. Hi lady! She is such a cutie! Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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