24 hours in Louisville + making healthy choices while traveling

I’m back home after a quick 24 hours in Louisville!


It was a pretty non-stop couple of days, including 11+ hours in the car. Let’s just say my yoga session this morning was much needed 🙂

One non-work-related highlight was definitely happening upon this cool local brewery:


Experience complete with some outdoor seating to enjoy the warm summer evening. Ahhhhhhh.

I didn’t take many other photos because we were inside a car or a convention center for most of the trip. Sorry!

However, I did want to share a few of my tips for making healthy choices while traveling. When you’re on the go and away from home – whether traveling for work or fun – it can be tough to stay on track. Plus you don’t always want to – sometimes it feels necessary to just let go completely and indulge, which is great! However, I can only do so much indulging before I start to feel yucky.

To keep things balanced, here are a few rules of thumb I follow in order to make healthy(ish!) choices while I’m traveling:

  • Pack a water bottle. Staying hydrated helps me feel my best. It’s not complicated or sexy or magic, but…..it’s true. When I’m flying, I take it through security empty and fill it up on the other side. At hotels, you can ALWAYS find a water cooler in the hotel gym to fill up your water bottle.
  • Sweat a little. Even if you’re walking around all day or manning a booth at a trade show on your feet all day, it will benefit you to really get your heart rate up and work up a sweat. Just don’t overdo it! The arms and core workout I did yesterday morning was effective, but also short and sweet so I still had plenty of energy in the tank. Hotel gyms usually have enough for you to do something, or I recommend a quick run – it doubles as a way to explore (I still remember my runs in Prague, Boston, Chicago, Salzburg and elsewhere as some of the best sightseeing)!
  • Pick your indulgences. There will be opportunities everywhere, especially since you’re likely eating out almost or actually all of the time. If you want fries, get them – but I wouldn’t suggest getting them at every meal. For me, personally that would quickly make me feel like garbage. Figure out what you really want and indulge accordingly. For example, I don’t really have a sweet tooth, so if I’m going to eat something I normally wouldn’t, I’d pick fries and skip the ice cream.
  • Pack snacks. I was pulling this mom trick well before I became a mom – and it has saved me countless times. Pack some healthy snacks or even meals so you avoid getting too hungry and have something if you’re only option is fast food that you don’t even want. I ate a PB&J sandwich on the drive home yesterday and was so happy to have it available.

So tell me, how do you make healthy(ish!) choices while traveling? Ever been to Louisville – what did I miss?



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