Broccoli Lemon Pasta {customizable!} {baby-friendly!}

Simple weeknight meals are the name of the game around here, and I’ve got another good one to share with you today.


Some people are afraid of pasta and all other carbs, but not me. While I am careful to not overdo it (by, say, having each one of my meals revolve around carbs), I don’t shy away from toast, cereal, pasta or other forms of carbs. I simply make sure to choose whole grain and, 100% whole wheat options.

And, in fact, 100% whole wheat pasta is the foundation of this dish. Then, because #balance, I focus on working in a solid serving of veggies. Broccoli is the primary veggie because I think it goes really well with pasta. Beyond that, I customize it based on whatever I have on hand – last night was frozen peas and fresh tomatoes.

The pasta and veggies are then tossed with a light, satisfying sauce made up of olive oil, sautéed garlic and lemon juice. Simple seasoning of salt and pepper rounds everything out. Delicious!




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