Weekend highlights: butterfly birthday

I’m typing this up Sunday night and can barely keep my eyes open….and it’s embarrassingly early. Our weekend was full of love, for sure, but I’m ready to crawl into bed, so I’ll keep this recap short and sweet.


Unfortunately, my great aunt passed away so on Friday we attended her calling hours. It was nice, however, to see family we haven’t seen for awhile – and meet some of their babies, toddlers and kids we’ve never met. Vera certainly enjoyed her new playmates. She surprises me sometimes with how social she is! We all had heavy hearts, for sure, but there was also some laughter and joy. ❤


Saturday was all about Vera’s first birthday party! I’ll do a full tour of all the butterfly-themed touches tomorrow, but the party was really about all our family and friends hanging out at a park –> a great way to spend a Saturday summer afternoon.


We even remembered to take a family photo!


Here’s the tutu up close 🙂

We grilled food, ate cupcakes, opened gifts and just all around hung out.



(Vera and her Oma.)

After we got home, Vera passed out for a rare late afternoon nap –> she was tired.


Who sleeps like that?!

Anyway, we woke her up just long enough to eat dinner, play a little and then get ready for bed.

After she went down, we finished Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle. Phew! Can’t believe we have to wait so long until the next season comes up….argh!


We started out the day slowly with breakfast and playtime.


(A new toy she got for her birthday. She’s all about stacking things right now!)

When Vera went down for her morning nap, I went into full meal prep mode. I roasted broccoli and cooked up rice for our BBQ chicken rice bowls, prepped veggies for the slow cooker chakchouka (veggies and eggs) we decided to have for dinner that night, and made a few breakfasts for the week.

Once she was up, I got us both dressed and then loaded Vera into the stroller for a run! We (I) ran 4.25 miles, stopped at the park for playtime and then ran another .25 miles home.


Post-run red face for me, while Vera eats her lunch skeptically 🙂 At one point on our run, she kept clapping – it was cracking me up!

The rest of Sunday was filled with visits with two of Vera’s great grandmas.



And that’s it! Hope your Monday kicks off your week on a wonderful note!



Does the week start on Sunday or Monday? I say Monday.

What was the top highlight from your weekend?

Anything specific you’re looking forward to this week?

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  1. My daughter just turned one the other day! We had a family party as well. It was so nice! I am sorry to hear about your aunt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy birthday to your daughter!


  2. Hi Stephanie! So sorry about your aunt. 😦 But Vera’s tutu picture is quite adorable!


    1. Thank you! And she was cracking us all up in that thing…so funny and sweet!

      Liked by 1 person

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