Benefits of changing up your routine

When it comes to healthy living, my go-to advice is often related to setting up a routine. The main benefit of, say, exercise routines is that they integrate staying active into your day naturally. Just like you have breakfast at X time every day, or watch your favorite show on a certain day and time, or always pop into Starbucks before work, you also hit the gym at X time a few days a week.

It’s not an extra thing or a side thing…it’s part of your lifestyle as a regular routine.

At the same time, shaking things up every once in awhile can be good!

Yesterday, for example, was supposed to be a rest day for me. But an offsite work meeting meant I spent 3 hours in the car, plus the whole day sitting in a meeting (OK, and on a boat…but still sitting).


Even after running around at home playing with and feeding the baby, I felt the need to shake out my legs.

So even though I prefer and stick to morning workouts, I did a 7 pm workout video last night – and it felt great. It got me thinking about some of the benefits of occasionally shaking up our routines:

  • Energy at night for once – I had so much of it after my workout, ha!
  • Get out of a rut – The same workout that I may have dreaded in the morning, felt fresh and new. That leads to…
  • Reignited excitement for working out
  • Renewed appreciation for routine – While I’m glad I got a workout in last night, I am not ready to give up my morning sessions because I love the boost I’m able to take into the day with me.

What do you say: routine or no? How do you get out of your workout ruts?



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