Weekend highlights: Cousin sleepover

Hello from the other side of the weekend! Things started out slow on Saturday (which I liked quite a bit) but (happy) chaos ensued late in the afternoon when Vera’s cousins came over to spend the night. We all had a blast but I’m also enjoying the peace and quiet right now (I’m typing this on Sunday evening and Vera is already in bed).


While the above picture kind of sums things up, I’ll share a few more details 🙂


  • Meltdown. Things started out a little thorny. I had to take Vera in for routine blood work and she did NOT enjoy it. It wasn’t the needle or the prick…it was being held down and approached by strangers (the nurses). So that was not very fun. However, she was fine right after and for the rest of the night – thank goodness!


  • Workout. After a grocery store trip by me and Vera’s morning nap, we headed out on a family run – that’s right, Mike joined us! We did a quick three miles – it was drizzling and I didn’t want to keep the kiddo out for too long.


  • Sleepover. After taking it easy the rest of the day and tackling a few chores, Marianna and Adrianna came over! We headed to the park almost right away!


Anna and I hung out on the monkey bars while Mike, Mar and Vera played on the swings.


Dinner was a build-your-own pizza bar.


I set out individual pizza crusts (white and whole-wheat flatbread), sauce, cheese, pepperoni, olives, and red and yellow peppers.


It was a hit 🙂 (Vera had turkey meatballs.)

After dinner, we played until Vera’s bedtime. Then Mar and I went on a bike ride while Mike and Anna colored. Finally, we all settled in to watch a movie before hitting the hay.



  • Sleepover continued, obviously! Vera woke me up at 5:30 and I did my best to keep her quiet and settled to avoid waking anyone else up. Just as she was finishing breakfast, the girls woke up. We made homemade waffles (whole wheat…shhhh :)).


I set out fresh fruit, maple syrup and smooch for topping.  I had actually eaten breakfast earlier (oatmeal) because I got hungry, but had a waffle a little later and can confirm they were delicious 🙂

Then my nieces wanted to watch my old dance videos – and they were a perfect audience, oohing and aching 🙂 It was pretty fun.


They crack me up.

After dance videos and a short dance party, we headed over to the park again. Then we came back to color and give Vera a little lunch before our usual Sunday trip to Mike’s parent’s house.

Overall, the sleepover was a resounding success!

  • Family time. In addition to lots of fun at Oma’s,


we head a birthday party on my side of the family. The birthday girl had a ton of Minnie and Mickey Mouse dolls and pictures…and Vera was in heaven.

That’s about it – we got home just in time to feed Vera dinner and she wasn’t up for much playtime before wanting to get to sleep.

How was your weekend?!


PS, I’m planning to take tomorrow off from blogging so I hope you all enjoy your day and I’ll catch you on Wednesday!

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