Catching up + Independence Day 2017

Hi hi hi! How did you celebrate the 4th? We had a cookout at our house and then relaxed at home in the evening after the baby went to bed. But first, let’s back up to Monday….


I started the day bright and early with a 4:40 am alarm and an at-home HIIT workout. It was nice to kick the week off with getting my butt kicked 🙂 After hanging out with Vera for a bit, I headed off to work.

Mike was off, so I popped home at lunchtime and he made me avocado and egg toast for lunch. It hit the spot!

After I got off work (a little early, woo!), we didn’t do much at home. We ordered Chipotle for dinner and then played until Vera’s bedtime. Once she went down, I sprang into action. I prepped turkey, pasta and veggie bake for Wednesday’s dinner, made Italian meatballs and oatmeal for Vera, and baked a pound cake (thanks, Martha Stewart) for the 4th. Phew!


After sleeping in a little (until 5:30 :)), I enjoyed a quiet breakfast and tackled a few clutter-removal and cleaning tasks before Vera woke up. She slept in until 7, thank goodness. My morning consisted of baby playtime until she went down for a nap around 8:45, and then I did the bulk of the housecleaning. After that, I actually got in some relaxation time – by the time I finished cleaning, Vera had been asleep for about an hour, so I figured I’d sit down for 10 minutes or so until she woke up…..well an hour later she finally did! Oops. I was a little annoyed with myself for not being more productive, but it turned out to be pretty much the only true downtime I had all day so oh well.

I fed Vera a quick lunch when she woke up and then we headed out for a 4-mile run. It was HOT since it was already almost noon when we left, but I felt good and Vera seemed to enjoy being out. Once we arrived back home, Mike and I traded off on showers and then launched into full party prep mode.


She wasn’t much help 🙂

A short time later, everyone started arriving. We had Mike’s parents, my parents, my grandma and my aunt over. Everyone seemed to enjoy hanging out, eating….and being entertained by Vera.

We tried to keep things simple although didn’t really succeed. Mike cooked up two kinds of pork tenderloin – one rosemary and garlic, and one with a honey-lemon-chipotle marinade. We also made up some veggie skewers, which I tossed in a simple dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Grilling the pork turned out to be a good move – it was delicious!

Other than that, my MIL brought potatoes and my mom brought a tomato cucumber salad, and voila – a cookout!

Oh, yeah and dessert.


I layered the pound cake I made with strawberries, blueberries and whipped topping for a festive treat!

Vera started strong yesterday but grew more and more agitated over the course of the afternoon. It seemed to be her molars. She refused to eat for the most part, whined a lot and wasn’t that interested in playing. It got worse after each of her two short afternoon naps.

We still had a great time but I felt so bad for the kiddo.

Once everyone left, I managed to get her to eat a decent dinner and we gave her a little Tylenol. Then she refused to nurse! It was so unusual. She slept like a rock though. Hopefully she’s in better spirits today….

Once she was asleep, it was back to the usual weekday grind….I packed her food and bottles for Wednesday and we finished cleaning up from the party.

And that’s pretty much it. Tell me about your day!


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