Weekly Recap – Workouts + Favorites

Phew – it feels like it’s been a loooong week. Although that’s because having Tuesday off was almost like a second weekend, so long in a good way. But still! It feels like forever since we caught up on workouts and favorites, but really it was just a week ago – ha! I’d love to hear about your workout highlights from the week as well as anything that made you smile!


Saturday: 3-mile family run with me pushing Vera in the stroller

Sunday: Rest (though I worked up a sweat during a dance party with my nieces and Vera :))

Monday: HIIT workout (at-home with a video)

Tuesday: 4-mile run pushing Vera in the stroller

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Arms and Core Strength Workout – similar to this one but I added a half-mile run at the beginning and end, and two quarter-mile runs (one each after rounds 1 and 2)

So, the workout looked like this:

  • Half-mile run
  • Strength round 1
  • Quarter-mile run
  • Strength round 2
  •  Quarter-mile run
  • Strength round 3
  • Half-mile run

Friday: Off to swim! Last Friday, I did 15 laps of this workout…I’m hoping for a similar amount today.


1 – Simple lunches.


Mike made avocado-egg toasts for lunch on Monday (I had mine without the cheese pictured here) and it hit the spot. On Wednesday, I threw together a quick black bean and avocado salad (black beans + avocado + salt, pepper and cilantro), which was also really good. A helpful reminder that delicious, healthy meals don’t have to be complicated!

2 – Pizelles


A humble cookie, but quite delicious. My mother-in-law made a batch and we ended up with a stash. I don’t normally eat stuff like this, even when we have it around the house (I am just uninterested in it, I don’t deprive myself of things if I want them). In fact, when I came downstairs with one in my hand on Wednesday, Mike exclaimed, “Who are you?!?” Haha, what can I say, I just wanted one…and no, I’m not pregnant (sorry, Dad!).

3 – Being part of the Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine blogging crew20170706_130204

A little lunchtime reading and juice (carrot + apple + ginger + lemon). Can you spot me? 🙂

4 – Funny family moments

All day Thursday I was looking forward to a family bike ride after work. And wouldn’t you know, Vera wasn’t into it. We started out and she kept slouching over in her little trailer. She wouldn’t sit up straight. We kept stopping to adjust her and the straps, but it seemed like she was just too tired and hot and not into it (she was in a good mood but wouldn’t sit up, haha). Sooooo I carried her back home while pushing my bike. Talk about an arm burnout – sheesh! I got halfway and then Mike ran back to get my bike after riding his bike and trailer home. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. See ya in the morning with this week’s menu!



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