Weekend highlights: sweet summertime!

There are some summer weekends that feel almost magical and vacation-like. This was one of those (for the most part…).


Vera and I kicked things off with a two-mile walk on Friday afternoon before our usual dinner of chicken sausage and sweet potato fries. After Vera went to bed, I started reading a new book – The Storied LiFe of A.J. FikrySince I got through 160 pages in one sitting…I’d say I liked it. 🙂


Vera was up at 5:20 :|so after nursing, cuddle time (she was obviously still tired, poor thing) and breakfast, we went on a one-mile walk. She actually kept grabbing her shoes and pointing outside, and then when we went into the front yard, she kept pointing at her stroller. OK then!

When we made it back home, it was time for Vera’s morning nap and for me to head to the grocery store before my 9 am hair appointment.

I arrived home with my fresh cut – my hair is growing SO FAST  lately – to put away the groceries and once Vera was up, we went out to The Cleveland Flea!


Mike’s parents met us up there, and we wandered around for almost three hours (there was a lunch break in there – burrito bowl for Vera and Mike, smoothie for me).

Vera crashed hard when we got home, and slept for over an hour and a half. I spent the first part of her nap getting ready for our evening and the second half finishing my book.


We were out the door after Vera’s nap and afternoon snack to drop her off at my parents’ house for a sleepover. On the way, she enjoyed the book we got her at the flea (that and some local honey were our only purchases besides lunch – we really just like to walk around and look, ha).


We got Vera as settled as possible at my mom’s. Unfortunately, she’s going through a mommy phase with some separation anxiety thrown in….so she started crying as we were leaving, of course. Mike was kind of stunned, but I’ve been dealing with that at every daycare drop lately or, you know, any time I need to leave the room to use the bathroom or something. It’s not easy and I never get used to it. But I know she’s OK. Ugh.

Mike and I stopped at Target for a quick return and then headed to Downtown Cleveland for our date night!

We parked in the flats and then walked up to Public Square for dinner at Rebol.


My build-your-own dish contained zucchini noodles with a honey mustard dressing, white bean falafel, cauliflower and bok choy, street corn salsa and spiced cashews. It really hit the spot – healthy but filling and delicious.

After devouring our dinners, we walked back to the flats to grab a couple beers at Portside, my absolutely favorite brewery.


I started with the Sticky Fingers Altbier and then tried the Summer Sky Vienna Lager. Both were fantastic. We played a round of trivial pursuit (which I won, thank you very much),


watched the USA vs. Panama soccer game and chatted/laughed a lot.


An all around excellent date night.


Sunday was a little less exciting than Saturday but still nice. I started off the day nice and slow, starting this blog post and enjoying my coffee and breakfast. I missed the kiddo, but it was nice to not have to rush 🙂

Then it was time for my usual meal prep (sweet potato muffins for Vera; lentils and quinoa and dressing, and black bean topping for this week’s dinners (did you see the meal plan I posted Saturday?); a few breakfasts and lunches for me for the week; and whole-wheat cinnamon waffle batter for brunch at my mom’s.

I actually took a break in the middle of meal prepping to run a quick five miles. It was hot and sweaty, but felt easy without pushing the stroller 😉

At my mom’s, we cooked up the waffles and enjoyed a brunch for her birthday. Then we took a walk to the playground.


She loves to swing 🙂

We then stopped into Mike’s parents for a bit for some more playtime for Vera. Once we were home, Vera and I cuddled a bit (she had taken a short nap in the car, and was still tired but couldn’t fall back to sleep) and then she was in total play mode.

Mike worked in the garden for a bit during our cuddles, and check it out.


Our Early Girl tomatoes are getting close!

I fed Vera a light dinner since she didn’t seem that hungry. We had the bath time battle, more playtime and then it was bedtime for the kiddo.

So now I’m enjoying an IPA and working on this post. That’s a wrap!


Tell me a few highlights from your weekend!



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