5 things that surprised me about “body after baby”

1 – I didn’t and don’t really care that much.  Between learning how to care for another human, figuring out the nursing thing, going back to work, etc. – I didn’t expend any energy worrying about “losing the weight.” (I workout to feel good, not to lose weight.)

2 – It’s not just about the extra weight. This is what everyone tells you to watch out for, but really it’s more complicated than that. My stomach stretched out so much I have like extra skin around my tummy. SO even though I weigh a little less than I did when I got pregnant (not on purpose), I have this weird thing going on. Like I said,  I don’t really care, but it’s interesting.


A week-and-a-half before Vera arrived.

3 – My belly button is now an outie. It got pushed out by Vera…and has stayed out. I think this is funny and fascinating, haha. I wonder if it will always stay out?

4 – I feel stronger than ever. I wondered if I would get my fitness level back after having the baby, and even though my workouts have to be shorter and more focused…I feel stronger, faster and more fit than ever. It’s pretty cool.


Before Saturday‘s date night. 

5 – It’s about the long game. 4 months ago, was I feeling this strong? No. And actually the extra skin on my tummy is tightening up – slowly but surely. 9 months of changes, 9+ months to start feeling like yourself. BTW, this is true for all things health and fitness – changes don’t happen overnight!

Fellow mamas, what surprised you about “body after baby”?


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