Favorite workout gear

I have to say, workout gear is an afterthought for me. I’m not someone who invests a lot of money in certain pieces or needs new clothes to motivate myself to hit the gym. That said, there are a few essentials that I love, so I just wanted to share.

  • Salar crop capris (Fabletics): I have multiple pairs of this capri and I love them. They are so well made, flattering and breathable.

prause stroller run

The fun design and bright colors of this one are great, but I also have a black pair with a mesh detail that’s cool, too. Really it’s about the functionality and these capris are amazing. BTW, capris are the workhorse of workout clothes. I have legging and shorts, but most of the year, capris work the best.

  • Champion sports bra (Target): I didn’t care at all about sports bras until I was pregnant and nursing. We’ll just leave it at that…and that I highly recommend this bad boy.
  • Adidas Squad III gym bag: Lots of room, enough compartments but not too many, and bright colors. About all you could hope for in a gym bag.
  • Lindy shorts (Fabletics): A few things about workout shorts: they have to be long enough to provide coverage (um, hello!) and also stay in place without feeling like I am wearing spandex. These shorts nail it. And I love the side pocket!
  • Suntan lotion – the spray kind (any brand): This is my newest thing. Anytime I’m outside, I put on sunscreen. The spray option makes it a lot easier, which means I’m more likely to remember/be motivated to it. Seriously – wear sunscreen!
  • Goggles and a swim cap: For my swimming workouts, I wouldn’t survive without these things! They really do make a difference, especially the goggles.

A few things on my wishlist, too:

  • A running visor. Anytime I’m running in the sun, I remember that this would be helpful.
  • New socks. I’ve had the same set of running socks for years and they are starting to wear a bit. This is a BIG decision though. What are your favorite workout socks??

What did I miss?


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