Weekend highlights: Zoo, festival and two-hour naps

Hey hey! I have to admit I’m feeling a little worn out as I type this up on Sunday evening….but only because of our fun-filled weekend.


Friday night was pretty low-key around here. We took a family trip to the grocery store and picked up a few prepared options for dinner.


Playtime and silliness commenced as well, obviously. Mike and I watched Zootopia once Vera was asleep…and it was really quite funny.


On Saturday, Vera was up at about 6:30. After nursing and breakfast, we wandered outside to play for awhile. She tottered around up and down the sidewalk having a ball. Then it was nap time. She slept for about 2 hours! I used the time to shower and clean the house. Once she was up, we fed her a quick lunch and then headed out to the zoo!


BTW, is anyone else into plain, solid t-shirts lately or is it just me? I wore a black one to the zoo with lacy shorts from Target. It’s an outfit that makes me happy 🙂


Anywho, I think every time we go, she “gets it” more and more. It’s cute to watch her watch the animals. We stayed for around two hours, with lots of exploring and a break to snack on some raspberries and blueberries.


By the time we arrived home, we fed Vera another snack (homemade sweet potato muffin and peas) and then it was nap time again.


She slept for ANOTHER two hours –> seriously amazing!! I was planning to chill out myself but a wave of energy hit me when we arrived home, so I took the opportunity to meal prep. I baked sweet potato muffins, chopped veggies for the week and made a few breakfasts for the week. I also did a load of laundry. I did manage to get in a little relaxation time, too.

Our Saturday fun concluded with a trip to the park before dinner, a simple and delicious slow cooker meal of sausage and peppers (our meal plan got a little switched around this week,  and some more playtime before bed.


I got up before everyone else (–> my favorite thing to do) and started a new book while I ate breakfast and drank coffee: Morning Glory. I got a little more than halfway through it before Vera was up for the day, and ended up finishing it later in the day 🙂

Vera and I kicked off the  morning with a run. I took her out for 3.5 miles and then I felt like I was pushing naptime, so I dropped her back off before heading out for another 3.5 miles.


7 happy, sweaty miles total for me!. Vera was actually just getting ready to go down when I got home. And guess what? She slept for two hours again!

I spent naptime showering, eating a delicious egg, avocado and tomato bowl, and reading my book.

Vera had lunch after she woke up and then we were off to visit family.

When we got to Mike’s parents’ house (I finished the book on the way :)), we all walked up to their church’s festival. The best part of such festivals is obviously the delicious food. I ordered the cavatelli for myself and was planning to share some with Vera….but she ate half of it! (I kept my Great Lakes Dortmunder all to myself though – ha.)


She also made quiiiite the mess! My little italian baby 🙂

There was also quite a bit of game playing, and Vera left with a nice little haul thanks to herself (she won kids plinko all by herself!), her cousins and her mama.


After hanging out for awhile at the festival, we went to see my parents and grandma. We enjoyed lots of playtime and some snacktime before heading home for a quick dinner, bathtime and “nigh nigh” (what Vera says when she’s ready to go to sleep).

How was your weekend?




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