Running survey

Checking in this morning with a fun little throwback running survey from Peanut Butter Fingers

Best Run Ever

The 2015 River Run Half for sure. I trained and trained for it all summer, the weather was perfect on race day and I was feeling strong. I hit my super-stretch goal time. It’s also a gorgeous course through the metroparks, which added to the happiness of the day.  Another reason why it’s special: I was actually 1-2 weeks pregnant at the time! I obviously didn’t know yet and wasn’t feeling any symptoms, but I love looking back and remembering Vera was running with me, albeit as a bunch of tiny cells.

Other favorite races: a 10K on the 4th of July in 2015 (when I hit my PR for a race pace) and anytime I’ve done the Hermes 10-miler (a really well-done race with a great course).


Three(ish) Words that Describe My Running

FUN: I am totally running for fun right now as part of my overall workout mix, and I am loving it. It’s no pressure, no stress. I’m still pushing myself, but it’s enjoyable.

Bonding: I love taking Vera out in the running stroller (and she does, too). We chat (and “chat”) the whole time. It’s our mommy and me time. 🙂

Evolution: My relationship with running has changed over time. I used to run to lose weight, then to run races faster and now just because I love it.


Throwback photo from a park workout with the baby last summerShe’s still my favorite workout buddy <3.

My Go-To Running Outfit

Depends on the season, but now it’s a pair of shorts, a fitted-but-not-too-tight tanktop, and a headband. PLus my running socks and shoes, obviously.


Quirky Habit While Running

Talking to myself – although I feel this is normal for runners.


Morning, Mid-day, or Evening

Morning for sure.

I Won’t Run Outside When It’s

Icey or below freezing. I’d rather run in 90 degrees than 20.

Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It

Having pneumonia earlier this year was awful. I was sidelined for a while. Since I had been coughing for awhile before I even got pneumonia, my rib hurt for like 8 weeks. I couldn’t run. I tried to push through at first, and it just got worse – so I kind of consider the rib a running injury, too. In the end, the only way I got over it was rest with some LIGHT exercise (walking, sometimes with weights) thrown in. UGH. That all had me out for longer than birthing an 8-pound baby did. Crazy.


Next Race Is

I’m not sure. I am kind of thinking about finding a 5-miler or 10K for fun, and there is a 5K in our village in October. Running a half was something I was considering, but it’s not worth the stress and the extra “thing I must do” –> I am LOVING my runs for pure fun right now.

Have a great day!




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