Easing back into a workout routine

Good morning! Welcome to the middle of the week. We are all still somewhat in recovery mode over here, although feeling much better.


After feeling like a new person Monday :), I had planned to do some kind of light workout Tuesday morning, but when my alarm went off I just wasn’t feeling it. This is rare for me, and I have learned to listen to this specific sign that my body just needs the day off. So I went back to sleep for another hour.

This morning, I did get up when my alarm went off early, but I kept my workout pretty light – again, listening to my body – and did just 15 minutes of stretching and light core work.

My body just feels completely wrung out, so here’s what I am doing to ease back into my full-blown workout routine:

  • Listen: My body is smart, and I know myself well enough to know when I mentally don’t want to work out vs. physically need a break. Picking up on those cues, and paying attention to them, is key.
  • Try: This morning, I didn’t wake up with my usual burst of energy (I know, I am usually that super annoying morning person!), but I figured I would at least try some exercise and see what happens. It turned out keeping it short and light is what felt best. Sometimes when this happens – and it’s usually when it’s mental, not physical – I tell myself I only have to do it for 5 minutes…and then, of course, I don’t want to stop! 🙂 (But if I do stop, at least I tried.)
  • Eat nutritious foods: My appetite is BACK with a vengeance, so I am staying focused on fueling my body’s recovery. This will help me with the energy I need once I am ready to workout.
  • Seek out fresh air: This one is kind of easy because it’s summer and, oh yeah, my kid is OBSESSED with going outside. So we just head outside and walk around for a bit, which helps energize me and gives me a chance to shake out my legs a little.
  • Practice gratitude: Instead of focusing on what I can’t do right now, I’m feeling grateful to be feeling better and for my overall health and well-being.

What did I miss?!


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