Simple pleasures

In the spirit of practicing gratitude, here are a few simple things I find great joy in:

  • Enjoying breakfast and drinking a HOT cup of coffee in the quiet morning hours, alone
  • Writing (not that it’s always easy, but there’s something simple about writing)
  • A cold craft beer after a long day (or half a week)
  • Chips and salsa
  • A good book
  • Coming home to dinner in the slow cooker
  • A long, hot shower
  • A quiet, easy dinner with Mike after the kiddo is in bed –> we actually did this last night for the first time (I think — we prefer to eat as a family) and it was kind of nice! Not an all-the-time thing, but something for a change every once in awhile.
  • In-season, perfectly ripe fruit
  • An outside run
  • Walking around outside in our driveway with Vera

Hm, there ended up being a lot of food related ones…oops! 🙂

Play along: share some of the simple things in life you love most.



Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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