10 years of being together

Today is a special day: it marks 10 years since Mike and I first started dating. TEN YEARS. That seems like a freakishly long time. It is, in fact, one-third of my life.


In honor of our decade of togetherness, here are 10 things I love about Mike:

  1. He’s the best at making me laugh.
  2. He’s the best at talking me off a ledge. 🙂
  3. He’s an incredible dad – Vera lights up whenever she sees him.
  4. He takes everything in stride – from our 4 years of being in a long-distance relationship (which felt so significant and LONG at the time, but is starting to feel more and more like a blip) to work challenges to parenting dilemmas, he’s typically the calm and clear-headed one.
  5. His analytical brain – it’s so different than mine but he makes me smarter and helps me think differently.
  6. His taste in bold socks – it’s so random, but makes me smile.
  7. His support for me, no matter what – he put absolutely zero pressure on me to stay home or work, change jobs or not, change my last name or not, etc., etc., etc.
  8. Our similar tastes in food, drinks and vacation spots –> the important things 🙂
  9. Our different tastes in movies, TV shows, music –> keeps things interesting 🙂
  10. How much he thinks about our future.

Happy Anniversary to my one and only!


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