Weekend highlights: not many photos and…sick again

Hey hey hey. Hope all is well with you on this fine Monday morning. I’m feeling pretty good this morning, which is good news since, of course, I was a little sick again this weekend. Ugh!

I was feeling “off” all day Saturday – really hot and then really cold, and no interest in food even though I was starving. I finally took my temperature Saturday night…and had a fever. No other symptoms though, which was kind of weird. I slept about 10 hours Saturday night and woke up in much better shape.

TBH, I think it’s from weaning…Vera actually showed no interest in nursing Saturday morning (her primary nursing session – at night, she only eats a little) so I rolled with it. I suspect my hormones were just out of whack, which apparently is pretty common when weaning.

Anyway, the fever was the bummer part of the weekend. The rest of it was pretty good, although I didn’t take many photos – prepare for lots of words! 🙂


Mike and I had a low-key dinner of homemade salsa and Oktoberfest beer –> my FAVORITE kind of beer. yummm. Locals, I think Market Garden has the best version.


After breakfast, Vera and I went for a two-mile walk. I knew almost right away that I wasn’t in a position to work out, so I was happy to get in a little light exercise and fresh air.

Once Vera was down for her morning nap, I headed out to run some errands. We had some returns to make and gift cards to use up, and since it was tax-free weekend here in Ohio, it was the perfect time to also get some clothes and diapers for Vera (her 12-month t-shirts are more like belly shirts these days, so it was time for an upgrade).

3+ hours later, and I was back home.


Check out her new shoes!

We spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking from my shopping trip, organizing and playing, until Vera’s afternoon nap. (It was a bit later than usual because she slept in and then took a later morning nap.) I ended up sleeping for an hour while she napped –> another sign I was sick or whatever that I failed to notice.

Then we headed out to a BBQ hosted by two of Mike’s co-workers. They were married a few months ago and hosted a casual backyard party to celebrate. We had a great time, and Vera was a hit with some of the older kids who were there 🙂

Once we got home, I passed out shortly after Vera went to bed.


Our day started similarly to Saturday: breakfast and then Vera and I headed out for a two-mile walk. We also stopped at the park for a bit.

This time while Vera was napping, I rested for a short while (I was feeling better but tired) and then dove into meal prep. I cooked rice and roasted cauliflower for tonight’s dinner, and prepped some breakfasts for the week.

Once Vera was up, she enjoyed a light lunch, that included some blackberries, which also ended up all over her face.


Haha 🙂

Later, as usual, we headed to my in-laws’ place for Sunday dinner. Vera ate more (a second lunch, if you will) and got to hang out with her cousins.


We struggled to get a good photo – this was the best we could do, haha.

It’s hard to believe this girl turns 9 tomorrow :/


She did assert some strong opinions on Disney princesses, namely that Sleeping Beauty is lame because a boy loves her because she is SLEEPING and pretty, and that Belle is the best because she’s smart and brave. #soproud

A few hours later, we went to my parents’ house and Vera got some more playtime in plus a snack and dinner. She napped a little on the way home, and only had enough patience to take a quick bath when we got home before wanting to go right to bed.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend, other than my weird fever on Saturday.

Enjoy your Monday!


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