A day in the life

Here’s a peek into a random Tuesday around here!

4:30 am: My alarm goes off. Time for a workout. After some water and a small spoonful of peanut butter (I usually wake up hungry – but it’s not enough to wake me up…anyone else?), I venture downstairs for a workout.

Usually, I try to get to the gym on Tuesdays, but I had to be at work early, so an at-home video it was. I went with one of my favorites, Jessica Smith TV’s HIIT Cardio and Core. I always end up sweaty and energized after this one 🙂

Followed by a quick shower, unloading the dishwasher and then finally digging into cold and creamy overnight oats and some hot, delicious half-caf coffee.


I alternate between writing, getting ready for the day and prepping Vera’s food for the next hour or so.

6 am: Kiss Mike goodbye and put together an order from Thrive Market after I realize Vera is almost out of her beloved Ruby Rockets vegan yogurt. My order also included flax seeds, chia seeds, vinegar cleaning wipes and other snacks for Vera. Is there anything better than getting groceries delivered to your door? OK, yes there are a lot of better things – but it’s still pretty great.

Anyway, I use Thrive A LOT, and have more than paid for the annual fee through my savings. I do believe the prices on some things are better – like the chia and flax seeds – plus they have items like the yogurt that I can’t find anywhere around here. And yes, I always make sure to hit the $50 for free shipping – but it’s usually no problem. I just stock up on essentials (like said yogurt).

6:30: Vera is stirring so it’s time to get her up for the day. We play a little and I get her dressed for the day, but then pretty quickly, she wants breakfast. She hasn’t really wanted to nurse since giving it up Saturday morning, but she does tend to be HUNGRY for breakfast immediately. I try to convince Vera to play while I pull together her breakfast but she mostly whines 🙂

6:50: My dad has arrived so he feeds Vera her breakfast.


7: I finish getting ready and then I’m out the door. It’s 7 am. PHEW – a lot has happened since 4:30. The rest of the day isn’t nearly as exciting.

12:30: I head home for lunch. I have leftover black bean + tomato bowl from Monday,


and get sweet potatoes in the slow cooker to bake for dinner. I also get it in some solid playtime with Vera. She seems pretty happy to see me 🙂

1:20 Before I know it, it’s time to head back to work. I work the afternoon away.

4:30: Quitting time 🙂 When I arrive home shortly after (amen for short commutes). Vera and my dad are outside walking around so we hang outside for a bit longer. I set Vera up with a snack and get going on dinner.


I cook up quinoa with tomatoes, corn and carrots to go with the sweet potatoes….it actually turned out pretty good.

5:30: Mike was stuck at work a little late, so Vera and I start on dinner without him. Luckily he gets home soon after we sit down and joins us. Then it’s the usual mad dash to clean up and play before bath and bed.

7:10: Vera is sleeping! She nursed great and started saying “nigh nigh” as soon as she was finished. After I put her down, I prep and pack her lunch and snacks for daycare and do a few light cleaning tasks around the house before relaxing (working on this post).

It’s not glamorous, but it’s life 🙂

How was your Tuesday?





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