Last week’s workouts + next week’s meal plan 5

Happy Friday! I ddn’t mean to disappear yesterday, but I started reading I Know How She Does It and I got a litle caught up. It upends the assumption that working mothers have harried, frantic, impossible lives. I also appreciate the tidbit that almost everyone signficantly overestimates the number of hours they spend working – aka basically anyone who tells you they worked 60 or 80 hours per week consistently is wrong. Fascinating.

Anywho – it’s a good book. And I got really into it, so I skipped blogging yesterday but here I am with my weekly workout recap and plan for next week’s meals. Would love to hear about your favorite workout and/or meal from the week!


Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

Last week’s workouts: 

Friday: .5 mile run + 3 rounds of core and arms strength = .5 mile run

Saturday: Rest (sick but 2-mile walk)

Sunday: Rest (sick again + 2-mile walk again though)

Monday: 4-mile run

Tuesday: HIIT Cardio and Core (at-home video)

Wednesday: 28-minute swim + 2-mile lunchtime walk

Thursday: Was supposed to be a rest day but I ended up doing 25 minutes of cardio at lunchtime

Next week’s meal plan: 

Monday: Veggie frittata

Tuesday: Italian sausage and peppers in the slow cooker

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Pasta with a quick pan marinara sauce

Friday: Chicken sausage and sweet potato fries



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