Weekend highlights: raspberries, tacos and ice cream, and a new look

It feels like we just talked, no? That’s code for weekends fly by way too fast. That said, it was a good one and I feel like we soaked up every moment. Let’s recap the highlights…


  • Wandering around the neighborhood. After breakfast, we headed outside to stroll around with Vera. It was our village’s garage sale weekend, and the people up the street invited us to stop into their’s before the official start. We found some books and a car toy for Vera, and they wouldn’t let us pay. So nice! Anyway, we were happy with our haul but happier for the outside time.
  • Raspberry picking. Mike’s parents came over shortly after Vera woke up from her morning nap and we all headed out to the local raspberry farm, Rosby’s. We spent an hour or so picking fresh raspberries (and snacking on a few :). Vera was no help whatsoever with the picking but definitely loved the snacking part.


  • Long afternoon naps. For, uhm, all of us. 🙂
  • Tacos and ice cream. We decided to head out for an early dinner at our favorite spot, Barrio. Vera was very well behaved thank goodness.


She wasn’t too interested in her taco at the time, so we boxed it up and gave it to her for dinner later. She ate some of it, but we think the pork was too spicy. Still, we had a nice time out together.


After our dinner, we stopped for ice cream at Tremont Scoops. We got a couple scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream to share as a family, but Vera wasn’t interested in the ice cream either. Like at all. Ha. So Mike and I shared it. I’m not a huge ice cream person but I do like to go out for ice cream at least once each summer – and it hadn’t happened yet, so I am glad we stopped on Saturday.

Our Saturday wasn’t much to speak of after that. There was more outside wandering and then, before we knew it, Vera was in bed.


  • An early wakeup and a short nap. Vera was stirring before 5:30 so we were up off and on that early, too. I got out of bed around 5:40 and then went into get Vera at 5:50. So it was an earlyyyy morning. After breakfast, snuggles and play time,  Vera was down for a nap by 7:45. Unfortunately, she only slept for probably 45 minutes or so total, and it was off and on for the most part.
  • Solo run. However, while Vera was down for her “nap,” I went out for a 5-mile run. Woohoo!
  • Walk and park. After a quick post-run shower, Vera and I headed out for a two-mile walk and then stopped at the park. She loves the park and often requests it by saying “pak pak pak pak.” It’s super cute 🙂
  • Family time. We spent the afternoon at my in-law’s house and then with my parents, 

and I got to hang out with my nieces. We celebrated Marianna’s 9th birthday (!). We gave her a couple book about female inventors (she recently told me she wants to be an inventor when she grows up) and later she emailed me a photo of one of the inventors she read about 🙂 The photo below is blurry but it’s so cute, I had to share 🙂


  • Pee. After we arrived back home, it was bathtime for Vera. I sent her into the kitchen (she still bathes in the sink) with no diaper…and she peed on the floor on the way there. Then we let her walk around with no diaper after her bath….and she peed on the floor again. Oy vey. Hahaha!
  • A new look. In case you didn’t notice :), the blog got a makeover! Mike put his more creative-oriented brain to work and applied a new theme with some photo/key features customized. What do you think?

Cheers to a good week for everyone!



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