Weekend highlights: carpet shopping, date night + lots of outside time

Hey hey. I’m checking in this Monday morning a little wiped out – it was a good, fun, full weekend, and I could use an extra day to recover 🙂 Here are the highlights:


  • Relaxation + fresh air. I don’t remember much from Friday except that it was pretty relaxing and that we were outside for a while both before and after dinner.


  • Stress-reliving workout:  After a fun play session on Saturday morning (including strolls outside), Vera went down for her morning nap….and I started to stress out about all the things we need to do (including many things that we didn’t need to do right that second, but I convinced myself we did). I cleaned the house, which sometimes helps my stress but this time did not. So I decided to break my Saturday rest day streak and tackle a tough workout. I did FitnessBlender’s HIIT LIke a Girl Round 2 (one of my faves and so. hard.) and 1. worked up a major sweat and 2. felt my stress instantly melt away. #success
  • Carpet shopping. The stairs to our basement/family room are tile but now that Vera is into climbing them, we need to carpet them. So off to carpet shop we went. It was pretty lame overall but we did find some samples to bring home and started to piece together an idea of what we might want, knowing it will be basically impossible to match the current in-good-shape carpet we have in the basement. Sigh.
  • Photo shoot: Shortly after lunch, Vera and I headed out to Hanna Perkins, an awesome organization I am involved with as a Board member. We needed to get some pictures of kids for the benefit invitations and other marketing materials. Vera had a blast trying to keep up with the older kids that were there 🙂 It worked out because we got to spend the entire afternoon outside taking pictures, and we rewarded all the kids’ hard work with some playground time after.
  • Date night: In the late afternoon, my in-laws came over to watch Vera so Mike and I could have a date night! We went to our favorite place, Barrio, for a leisurely dinner and drinks. Somehow I convinced Mike to sit outside AND get guacamole, so it was definitely a win 🙂


Look at that beautiful guacamole 🙂

We rounded out the night with a stop at Edison’s Pub to split another beer.


It’s pretty fun hanging out with Mike 🙂


  • Meal prep: During Vera’s morning nap, I busted out some meal prep! I made these Oatmeal Pear Muffins, oatmeal for Vera’s breakfasts (which I froze), turkey and pasta for tonight’s dinner, and breakfasts for me for the week.
  • Stroller run + park: Once Vera was up, I loaded her up in the running stroller and headed out for a 3-mile run. I was pretty sore from Saturday’s workout, but it felt good to shake out my legs. On our way home, we stopped at the park. We started with snacks and water (an aforementioned Oatmeal Pear Muffins for Vera – which was a hit – and an RXBar for me), and then played on the swings and slide for awhile.
  • Nonna and Papa’s house: After a visit with Mike’s grandma, we went over to my parents to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Vera had a great time playing outside with her grandparents and uncle. We did have to take a break from the action when she needed a nap – and since she is scared by the room at their house/I am a sucker, I let her nap on me.


Gotta get my baby cuddles in somehow 🙂 She slept for about 40 minutes and then was ready for more action. We ate dinner and then went back outside for water table play.

And that’s really a wrap on the highlights. Hope you had a great weekend!


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