Working mom mornings: a week in the life (part 1)

Every morning is different around here. So when I wrote last week’s day in the life post, I felt a little disingenuous. It was truly a random Tuesday, like I said – there’s no such thing as a typical day or week around here. So I thought I’d share what our 5 mornings looked like last week. I stopped each chronicle once I arrived at work.

This ended up being a rather lengthy post so I broke into two parts…..check back for part 2 tomorrow!


Alarm: 5:30 am.

I am up and out of bed instantly. Mike’s alarm went off 10-15 minutes before so I was already kind of awake. I snack on a bowl of off-brand Cheerios (#noshameinmybudgetgame) and then start writing. I actually write for awhile – Vera doesn’t start stirring until about 6:30. Once she does, I prep her breakfast before getting her up. By the time she’s dressed, my father-in-law is ready for action. We get Vera settled in her high chair


and I head out for a 3-mile run. Vera and her Opa are playing in the basement when I get home but she hears me and wants to come upstairs. Actually, she climbs up the stairs….a new development as of the night before, and not a milestone I’m that excited about.


I give the kiddo some love and attention before attempting to go shower. She whines until my FIL whisks her back downstairs. A quick shower later and it’s time for my breakfast. I go with peanut butter toast and a banana, an old classic. While I eat at the dining room table, Vera runs around in the kitchen (she heard me again). Of course, she winds up eating half of my banana. Oh well. Then I rush around to finish getting ready and head out, but not before some more love and attention to the babe (who is getting strapped into her stroller for their first walk of the day).

In the office: 8:37 am.


Alarm: 5:10 am.

I lingered in bed for about 5 minutes after this alarm because we had a long night over here. Vera was up 3-4 times or so whining briefly. It would be enough just to wake us up, then she would fall back asleep. But it was definitely disruptive. (And no, I don’t go running every time my kid makes a little noise. Her last molar is working its way in and they weren’t screams of pain. Trust me, I know what her distressed sounds are.)

Once I finally got up, I dressed and headed to the basement for a workout. Vera also had a rough time going to bed last night…she woke up an hour in with some actual cries and yes I went running then. We ended up giving her some Tylenol and I spent a long time with her rocking her to sleep (hasn’t happened in 4 months and she’s gotten BIG since then :/). Anyway, once that happened I shifted my plans from the gym to an at-home workout.

I did a 20-minute cardio/bodyweight intervals video plus an 8-minute abs one. It was a good combo – I worked up a sweat with some burning legs and abs.


Mike and I spent a few minutes chatting after I was finished – enough to realize he forgot to buy the Italian sausage for our Tuesday planned dinner. We discussed how to swap the meal plan to make it work until we could run out for the sausage. Fun stuff 🙂 then I sat down to my coffee and overnight oats. Mid-way through my breakfast (~6:20) Vera started stirring, but ended up falling back to sleep until about 6:45, giving me time to finish eating.

Once I got her up, she was pretty fussy so I gave her breakfast, which she devoured. But then she was still fussy, so she and I cuddled on the couch for 10-15 minutes watching Doc McStuffins. After that, she was ready to go.


We played a bit until I finally needed to shower and head out, at which point my dad who’d arrived earlier took her outside. A quick shower later and I was out the door.

In the office: 8:20.


Alarm: 5:30 am.

Up and into the shower. It’s rest day and I need it badly – I am sore. After my shower, I sit down for overnight oats and coffee, and start writing. Vera started stirring at about 6:40, so I closed up the laptop. I spent the next 20 or so minutes preparing her breakfast, getting ready (makeup + dressed) and loading up the car before getting Vera up for the day. We read a little and then it was time for her to eat. Breakfast took awhile because she wanted to spoon feed herself. I try to let her do this but it is messy and time-consuming so my patient often runs thin – this particular morning I rolled with it though.  When she is finally finished, we do a diaper change and head outside for a few quick minutes of walking around out there.


Unfortunately, she wants to spend far more time out there than we have, so tries to run away from me when I tell her we have to go. We play this game for a little until I get more serious and she tries to run more – and face plants. She was fine but upset – possibly more so because I caught her 🙂 We load up into the car – with protest – and hit the road for daycare. The drop goes smoothly (she has forgiven me by then I guess 🙂 and I am off to work.

In the office: 8:30.


I’ll pick up tomorrow with part 2!



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