Working mom mornings: a week in the life (part 2)

I’m sharing a whole week of mornings on the blog. Part 1 is here!


Alarm: 530.

I hop in the shower right away – I ended up running Wednesday evening so it wasn’t actually a rest day….as a result, I make Thursday my rest day. I don’t have time to do much more than eat breakfast before Vera is stirring. I get her up around 6:20 and she’s not in much of a play mood – she wants her breakfast. I get her set up with waffles and yogurt, and get to work prepping dinner. With our rearranged meal plan, I assembled sausage and papers into the slow cooker, while tending to Vera. (I love our high chair on wheels because I can just roll it into the kitchen.)

After she inhales breakfast part 1, I serve her some raspberries, which she goes to town on 🙂


Let’s see….we get cleaned up and moved onto getting ready – first me, then Vera. After, we head down to the basement for some major playtime. Before I know it, we start loading the car and then wander around outside for a bit. Then we’re off. Daycare drop goes smoothly again, as does my commute to the office.

In the office: 8:30.


Alarm: 5:30.

On this morning I started with a snack – peanut butter toast. Followed by straightening up and loading the car. Mike and I wake Vera up at 6. We play for a bit and then askes for a banana (she says it pretty good!) so I give her half of one. Then she realizes she’s really hungry, and I serve her breakfast – apple cinnamon oatmeal (I make it plain and add unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon) and yogurt. We clean up and get ready, and then we’re off.


I drop her at daycare and head to the gym.

I start with a .5-mile jog to warm up, and then move to a total body weighted workout focused on my arms and core. It was a good one! I head into the locker room to get ready (takes me less than 15 minutes!) and I’m back in the car to head to the office. I hit traffic but finally get there to “start” my day.

In the office: 8:37

A few comments: 

  • Again, nothing was typical about this. Most weeks I usually do at least one 4:30 am wake-up to work out, but my evening run shifted my schedule around.
  • Sometimes it feels chaotic and sometimes it feels pretty calm. Daycare drop days tend to be the most chaotic.
  • I feel so much freer in the morning now that I’m done pumping and even since she stopped her morning nursing session. We have more playtime!

And that’s a wrap!


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