A few things from this week: sentence per picture

Hello there. Happy Thursday! Did you enjoy my “week in the life” posts – part 1 and part 2? Today I’m just popping in to catch up on this week. Please chime in with a highlight from your week so far 🙂


We received our family photo from our visit to Mike’s work a few weeks ago, and I just love my little family so much!


The Oatmeal Pear Muffins I made on Saturday have been a huge hit with Vera all week long.


My workouts this week have been/felt pretty tough, but I’m feeling good overall after a month or so of building back up from the stomach flu, travel and a teething baby.


Of course, this one is sick again….she has a pretty bad cold, and there is croup going around at daycare so we are watching her like a hawk.


When she is better, we can’t wait to have her try these Vegy Vida flavors that were so kindly sent to me to try. Obviously, we’ll use them as a dip (Vera loves to dip) but it will be fun to see what else we can use them for. (I received a free sample of Vegy Vida’s products to try but was not paid or asked to write about them on the blog.)


Just another pic of my girl and me to wrap up – hope you all have a great day!



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