Sick day + last week’s workouts


I’m checking in this morning feeling a bit discombobulated. Vera’s cold had her cranky yesterday morning and her raspy cough had us concerned.


I feel like you can really tell in that photo she was out of it.

I kept her home and we went to the doctor. She does not have croup, thank goodness, but a nasty cold nonetheless – it’s called bronchiolitis and it’s caused by the same virus that causes croup. Fun times.

She slept quite a bit (almost two hours in the morning and over two hours in the afternoon). and was feeling much better as the day went on…actually already after her first early nap.

We played “buh buh” (bubbles) in the morning,

and later took a two-mile walk and went to the park. This little one then walked all the way home pushing the stroller (probably a .2 miles or so). It took foreverrrr, but it was super cute. haha.

So she’s on the mend. I managed to get quite a bit of work done before she woke up and during her long naps yesterday, too, so I didn’t completely lose the day.

Today, little miss was up at 5:15, but was ready for a nap by 6:40 after breakfast and playtime – I think her cough and molars combined messed with her sleep this morning. It worked out for me though because I had actually skipped my planned early morning (4:30) workout and ended up working out when she went down for a nap. Oy. It was a good reminder of why I have to stay flexible and consistent with my workouts 🙂

ANYWAY, all that to say, I don’t have a meal plan for next week yet. haha, oops. Here are my workouts from last week though!

Last week’s workouts: 

Friday: half-mile-jog to warm up + total body strength workout

Saturday: HIIT workout at home

Sunday: 3-mile run pushing Vera in the stroller

Monday: 30-minute swim

Tuesday: 20-minute HIIT + 10-minute yoga stretch (at-home videos)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Cardio bodyweight/kickboxing intervals workout + abs


It was a tough, solid week of workouts that felt great!

Now inspire me: what should I add to our menu next week??



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