Weekend highlights: Blue Hen Falls, PJs at the park and my niece likes Anne of Green Gables

Hello, hello! Hope you are feeling good heading into the work week. We had a great weekend over here and I’m loving that we have a three-day weekend on the horizon. Here’s a few highlights for you:


  • Walk and park time: It was a gorgeous afternoon and Mike was at a golf outing, so Vera and I soaked up some one-on-one time with a walk and a trip to the park


“Moooooom, I want to go to the swings NOW.” –> this wasn’t one, but tantrums are definitely happening over here as she is making her opinions and desire for independence known. It’s kind of worth it though when she reaches for my hand while we’re walking. Kind of. Ugh.

Anyway, Mike showed up a few minutes after we got home with takeout from Aladdin’s, rounding out a great start to our weekend.


  • PJs at the park: Our day started pretty early thanks to Vera’s molars coming in and, shortly after breakfast, we headed outside. I intended for us to hang around the house but she started leading me toward the park. She was in her pajamas (I, at least, had changed), but I went with it. Summer is fading fast so I’m all about as many trips to the park as we can squeeze in (and thankfully we were the only ones there :))
  • Blue Hen Falls. After Vera’s morning nap, we loaded up the car and headed to Blue Hen Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  It’s not much of a hike per say but we did wander around for quite awhile, taking in the falls, exploring nature and people/dog watching.


Vera loved it! Toward the end of our visit, Mike broke out his fancy camera and did a quick photo shoot of the kiddo. We got some good ones!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Productive time: I actually got a quite a bit of chores and such done during Vera’s two naps Saturday, which always feels good. Doing laundry, cleaning the house, organizing her clothes that no longer fit,  more carpet shopping and other errand running – check!


She wasn’t much help in reviewing the carpet samples I brought home 🙂

  • Slow cooking: I sent Mike and Vera to the park in the late afternoon so I could cook a full, delicious, healthy meal in peace with no rush. It was amazing. I made veggie baked risotto (I follow this recipe but change up the veggies and herbs based on the season and what we have – this time it was asparagus, spinach and tomatoes, and rosemary) and we all loved it as usual .


  • Meal prep: As usual, I knocked out my meal prep during Vera’s morning nap:  turkey meatballs, the filling for tonight’s vegetarian stuffed peppers and my breakfasts. Plus I made whole-wheat cinnamon waffles for Mike and Vera for breakfast so our freezer is stocked with those, too (I always make a double batch).
  • 5-mile stroller run. Once Vera was up, we headed out for a 5-mile run.


Overall, I felt great! I worked in four quarter-mile “sprints” as well as two turns on a decent-sized hill.

Of course, we stopped at the park after…


That outfit kills me.

We snacked and played like champs before heading home. This time I had to carry her all the way back so I guess I got in some strength training, too 🙂

  • Family time. Our Sunday afternoon consisted of visits to my in-laws and my parents. At my in-laws, my niece told me she finally read Anne of Green Gables (I gave her a copy last year) and she LOVED it. We talked all about how awesome Anne is because she’s brave and smart. YES. At my parents, Vera and my parents went for a walk while Mike and I may or may not have napped. 🙂

That pretty much sums it up!


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