Dinners this week: 2 new + 1 classic

ThiSince I didn’t manage to get a meal plan together in time for Friday’s blog post, I thought I’d check in this morning to share our dinners so far this week. They’ve actually all been home runs even with two new ones out of three – which usually doesn’t happen 🙂

Monday: Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers


Oh this one was probably the BEST of the week, and maybe the best meal we’ve had in awhile. (Pics are from my lunch because I actually wasn’t even home for dinner on Monday.)


Rice, beans and tomatoes (the recipe called for salsa but I used tomatoes to make it more kid-friendly) combined and stuffed into delicious red peppers. So simple, but so easy.

I combined and stuffed everything on Sunday and then stopped home at lunch to put the stuffed-ahead-of-time peppers into the slow cooker to bake (they only take about 4 hours). A major win!

Tuesday: Dairy-free Breakfast Casserole

No pictures of this one because, frankly, it’s not very appealing to look at, but it was actually quite yummy. Vera LOVED it, so she’s eating it for lunch this week. Oh, and I added spinach and shredded carrots because we had them on hand and I really wanted to work in some more veggies.

This one I assembled on Tuesday morning before work and let it soak together in the fridge all day. When I got home from work, I preheated the oven and then popped the casserole in for 30-35 minutes. Easy!

Wednesday: Pasta with a simple marinara + a side of roasted brussel sprouts 


This one is our classic meal (roasted brussel sprouts not pictured but happily devoured). I make a simple pan marinara sauce that we toss with the pasta and then usually serve a roasted veggie (or sometimes a salad) on the side. Can’t beat it.

I prefer whole-wheat pasta, by the way – the texture doesn’t bother me. Plus the sauce is packed with tomatoes (yesterday a combo of canned and fresh from our garden) and we get more veggies from our side. Perfect!


What was your favorite dinner from the week?



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