Last week’s workouts + next week’s meal plan 7

OK, back to your regularly scheduled program after last week’s hiatus. (And ICYMI, I posted yesterday about a few of our dinners from this week to make up for the lack of meal plan. Check it out for more inspiration!)


Photo by Brady Cook on Unsplash

How was your week? Things were better the second half of it than the first half and I’m feeling pretty grateful and happy heading into a three-day weekend, even if it’s the unofficial end of summer.

HOWEVER, the transition to fall is somewhat easier seeing how happy Vera gets every time she steps on a crunchy leaf. It’s pretty cute. 

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend and perhaps you’ll find some workout and/or dinner inspiration below!

Last week’s workouts: 

Friday: HIIT cardio and core workout (at-home video)

Saturday: Rest (short family hike to Blue Hen Falls though!)

Sunday: 5-mile stroller run

Monday: 3-mile solo run

Tuesday: 25-minute swim

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20-minute cardio intervals in the morning + 20 minutes of cardio at lunch

Next week’s meal plan: 

Monday: Grilled cheese and roasted tomato soup

Tuesday: Avocado-egg sandwiches

Wednesday: Broccoli Lemon Pasta

Thursday: Freezer meal (my in-laws bought us a couple from Trader Joe’s and I like the simple ingredient list!)

Friday: Black bean veggie burgers + grilled veggies




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