Weekend highlights: so long, summer

We had a great long weekend over here unofficially saying good-bye to summer. Hope you did, too!

Here are the highlights from our weekend…


We kicked things off right on Friday with a little outside time. Plus we got a carpet estimate (#adulting) and takeout from Aladdin’s.


I started Saturday with a solo grocery store trip followed by a haircut. (Actually Saturday started at like 5:30 with Vera stirring, plus breakfast time and playtime…so my grocery store trip was at 8 am, haha). Anyway, re my hair:  I went a little shorter than usual, but Mike says it looks the same because I always tucked my hair behind my ear anyway.


For our mid-day excursion, we visited the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Vera was mostly ambivalent except for the fish above and the stingrays, which were at her eye level and pretty active. She liked tottering around though…as well as the signs on the floor.


Umm, OK whatever floats your boat, kiddo.

Dinner on Saturday night was grilled cheese (whole wheat bread + smoked gruyere cheese + arugula) and roasted (cream-free) tomato soup.


Definitely felt like a fall meal, which went nicely with the chilly temps. And it hit the spot.


Vera wasn’t super into it, which I believe was due to her molars. SO we’re not ready to give up yet 🙂

I started to slow down on the picture taking on Sunday and Monday – oops. Anyway, after her morning nap on Sunday, Vera and I went on an easy three-mile run, followed by a trip to the park as usual. Then we packed up and headed out. We visited my grandma and then went to my parents where Vera was staying the night. Once the kiddo was settled, Mike and I ran a few errands, and then watched my niece’s volleyball game.


She played awesome and I was definitely in proud aunt-mode.

Then it was time for date night – we grabbed dinner at Barrio (typical) followed my drinks at Edison’s. It was a low-key night for sure, but we really enjoyed it.

We slept in until 7 on Monday – oops! – and after a light breakfast, I headed downtown to Rise Nation for my first VersaClimber experience. I survived, but my goodness it was tough. Of course I loved it but the rest of the day I felt like I do after my long runs, particularly those early in my training cycles when I haven’t yet remembered about proper refueling – that is, to say, wrecked.

A quick shower later and we were off to my parents to have brunch for my dad’s birthday. We were happy to see our girl again and there was lots of playtime plus downtime during her afternoon nap. We stopped in at Mike’s parents’ for a bit as well.

We capped off the evening with a trip to the park after dinner. Once Vera was down for the night, I prepped my breakfasts for the week and got her food ready for Wednesday, and then Mike and I shopped online for a winter coat for Vera, diapers and other random things (more #adulting).

It felt like a 7-day weekend, which was fantastic…but back to reality today 🙂





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