Making “Healthy” Part of our Family’s Lifestyle

I’m excited to be a Cleveland Heart Walk ambassador. Join me at the Heart Walk (for more than just walking!) on Saturday, September 23. Full event schedule below. I was not compensated for this post and the views here are my own but I am partnering with the Cleveland American Heart Association to promote the Cleveland Heart Walk.

I guess if you asked me to characterize the point of this little corner of the internet, it would be “healthy living” – but I really don’t like that term. I really just want to live a happy, full life, and I know regular exercise, SLEEP and mostly eating nutritious foods helps me do that.

I don’t believe in dieting, crazy workout plans/schedules, or cleanses/detoxes. Instead, I believe in balanced eating and fitting in workouts that make sense for you (and ideally that you like doing). I’m also not ashamed to make time for my workouts (e.g., dropping Vera off 45 minutes early at daycare or whatever).

It’s not just me I am taking care of now, but if I don’t take care of myself I certainly can’t be there for my family or anyone else (like my job). –> That’s one lesson I really want Vera to learn from me.

In fact, teaching Vera to appreciate her health through good fueling and regular activity that she enjoys is key. I want to be intentional about this without harping or forgetting to keep things fun.

The American Heart Association, an organization I’m pleased to be partnering with as an ambassador for the upcoming Cleveland Heart Walk, has some great advice and resources available to help parents and kids alike think and get excited about a holistic approach to health.

I’ll share some of my favorite pieces of advice below but first I want to tell you about the Cleveland Heart Walk! It’s much more than just a walk – there’s a sunrise yoga class, an outdoor spinning class on Mall C (sign me up! I mean I’ve never taken a spinning class but I’m excited to try something new :)) and a festival. Oh yeah, and you can do a 1- or 3-mile walk. Details:


I love the theme “healthy for good” – it really resonates with my view that true health is in the small, sustainable changes…not radical but ultimately short-lived efforts.

Anyway, I hope you’ll register today for the Cleveland Heart Walk on September 23!

Heartwalking - Join Us - FINAL

Making “Healthy” Part of the Family’s LIfestyle

One of my favorite pieces of advice from the American Heart Association is play – by playing with our kids, everyone gets some physical activity, quality time together and probably plenty of belly laughs (good for the soul). What could be better? You can also use play that gets your hearts pumping to show kids that physical activity can be fun.

I also love the organization’s advice to simplify your lifestyle. You don’t have to do everything so identify what truly makes you and your family happy. Sometimes unscheduling your life can give you the space you need to take a collective, family-wide deep breath and make healthier choices.

And of course, live by example. That’s certainly what I try to do! I want Vera to see her mama bear as strong, fierce and always with the energy to keep up with her.


Will you join me at the Cleveland Heart Walk to celebrate being healthy for good? Register here:


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