Hocking Hills Vacation 2017, Part 1

Hi! Happy Wednesday – I, for one, am happily starting my short work week today after a long weekend in Hocking Hills with Mike, Vera and my parents. Can’t beat two three-day work weeks in a row 🙂 Here’s part 1 of our vacation highlights:


  • Relaxing morning. We had everything packed up pretty early in the day (I’m kind of a freak) so I had time for a tough workout during Vera’s nap and then we took a two-mile walk with some playtime after she woke up.


That raincoat kills me.

  • Kicking vacation off right. We hit the road around 1 pm and arrived at our cabin in Hocking Hills by 4. My parents arrived shortly after and we made quick work of unloading and putting everything away. Then we started getting dinner ready – grilled burgers + veggie burgers, corn on the cob, veggie and chips. Easy peasy, and a pretty good way to start off vacation.
  • Our home for the weekend: We stayed in Frontier Cabin via Cut Above Cabins. Overall, we had a very positive experience. Everything they said would be there was there, and they provided super easy-to-follow directions, which is much appreciated on those back country roads. We had three bedrooms – each on a different floor – providing plenty of space for all of us so that we didn’t feel on top of each other (although we didn’t use one of the bedrooms and only had 4 adults instead of 6 or 8). The beds and furniture were comfortable, and everything was clean. There were a few things we didn’t like – there was no real flat outdoor space for Vera to toddle around and there was a serious lack of natural light inside the cabin – but we were very happy in general.


  • Ash Cave. After Vera’s morning nap, we headed out to Ash Cave. We walked the short gorge path to the cave and explored a bit. Overall this was probably my least favorite place we visited, though I am glad we did.





Once we were finished, Vera hung out with my parents while Mike and I walked the short rim path to the cave and back as well, just to check it out.

Our afternoon was low-key at the cabin, –> perfect. Vera took her afternoon nap while the rest of us lounged. Later I made our go-to turkey veggie pasta bake for dinner plus a simple salad of romaine lettuce and tomatoes. I was happy to have plenty of time in the kitchen to cook (I started way ahead of time just to be able to take my time) and alone as Vera had many companions to play with –> it’s the little things sometimes.


Stop by tomorrow for part 2 of our Hocking Hills vacation!




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