Hocking Hills Vacation 2017, Part 2

Hi guys! I am popping in today to share the second part of my recap of our trip to Hocking Hills. Part 1 is here. Enjoy and see you tomorrow for the usual workout/meal plan stuff.


  • Rock House. Once Vera went down for her morning nap, MIke and I headed out to do the short Rock House hike while my mom stayed with Vera (my dad went to a golf outing on Sunday). It wasn’t too long or challenging (we did the rim and the gorge trails for about a mile total) but definitely would have been difficult/dangerous to do with the toddler because of the cliffs. While the hike was a little disappointing as someone who likes tougher hikes, Rock House was impressive and worth it.


  • Conkle’s Hollow (gorge): We arrived back at the cabin just as Vera was waking up, so we headed back out for a trip to Conkle’s Hollow. We did the easier, shorter and safer (i.e., toddler-friendly) gorge trail, and it was gorgeous. Vera loved the little waterfall.





Cool photo effect from the sun and totally natural

We made it back for Vera’s second nap and hung out at the cabin until dinner, playing and just relaxing.


Discovering socks make great mittens – hahaha


Worn out, apparently. 


  • Toddler tantrums: Vera woke up in a tizzy Monday morning. She was awake off and on starting at 5 though she stayed down in her crib until about 6:30. She OK at first but then flat-out refused to eat her breakfast, melting down in a full-blown tantrum. Nothing worked until I finally took her upstairs, turned off all the lights and laid down – she immediately laid her head on my chest like she was going to fall asleep. We laid like that for a bit until she got a little antsy – I think she couldn’t get comfortable, so I put her in her crib and she slept for another half hour or so. She woke up ready to play, eventually ate breakfast and seemed to be OK after that. Phew. So over these molars.
  • Conkle’s Hollow (rim): Once Vera went down for her first real nap after breakfast and playtime, Mike and I headed back to Conkle’s Hollow for the rim trail. It was 2.5 miles and slightly more challenging, which made me quite happy. And it was stunning.



  • Old Man’s Cave: We returned in time to feed Vera lunch and then headed back out with Ver and my parents, this time to Old Man’s Cave. We did a loop that was about a mile long and saw Old Man’s Cave and the Lower Falls. Vera really got into this hike, wanting to walk around for most of it (the others she mostly wants to be held). Of course, we held two hands due to the cliffs here but she did great.





  • Driving home and settling back in: We hit the road around 8 am after a quick breakfast and packing things up, arriving home around 11. I fed Vera lunch (thank goodness for my freezer stocked with homemade meatballs and homemade oatmeal-pear muffins!) while unpacking and organizing things, and Mike went to the grocery store. Then Vera started asking to go “night night” so I put her down –> no argument here! I tackled my favorite HIIT LIke a Girl workout, and the rest of the afternoon was spent organizing, doing laundry, working on my vacation recap blog posts, prepping breakfasts, making broccoli lemon pasta for dinner, a trip to the park and LOT of playtime. Vera napped (or at least rested) for three hours in the afternoon and still went to bed early. Our little vacation wore her out I guess (that plus the molars anyway).

Hope you’re all having a great week!




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