Last week’s workouts

I don’t really have my act together this morning – a combo of a clogged ear and staying up too late reading (oops) – so I am just here to share last week’s workouts. Hopefully I come up with a meal plan tonight, haha!


Photo by Davies Designs on Unsplash

Last week’s workouts: 

Friday: HIIT Cardio and Core (at-home video)

Saturday: Vacation – walking around Ash Cave

Sunday: Vacation – 1-mile Rock House hike + walking around Conkle’s Hollow (gorge)

Monday: Vacation – 2.5-mile Conkle’s Hollow hike (rim) + ~1-mile Old Man’s Cave Hike

Tuesday: HIIT LIke a Girl (at-home video)

Wednesday: 3 rounds of strength with running intervals (.5-mile w/u and .25-mile runs in betweens rounds 1 and 2)

Thursday: Rest



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