Weekend highlights: back to normal

Hellooooo! After two long weekends in a row, this weekend went by in a flash. It was a good one, but definitely a dose of reality. I also failed at taking pictures, so I’ll try to keep things short and sweet….


I picked Vera up early and had plans to take her right to the park…but she had other ideas, namely the desire to take a nap. While I could have done chores, I decided to kick back myself since it was Friday afternoon after all. I pulled up the book I was working on, Those Who Save Us, and plopped down on the couch.


It was a heavy read, centering on a mother and daughter who emigrated from Germany after living through WWII and its aftermath. It definitely appealed to me as a German major and because it focused on the choices women at the time had to make to survive. Worth a read if you like historical fiction, but as I said – it’s a heavy read. I struggled with sleep the nights I read it right before bed.

Once Vera woke up, we did make it to the park for a bit before heading home for dinner, playtime and bed.


I woke up well before my crew and enjoyed a quiet breakfast while writing a bit. Vera slept in until almost 7:30 so I actually had quite a bit of writing time! After she ate breakfast, Mike headed to the grocery store and Vera and I headed to the park.


It was a gorgeous morning and also peaceful, as we were the only ones at the park. Everything was still covered with morning dew, so the two of us just rocked on the relatively dry bench swing and relaxed. It was perfect.

After Vera’s morning nap (and with a clean house :)), we took a trip to the zoo. It turned out to be kind of a miss – there was an event going on and it was so crowded. I mean we had to park in the third parking lot we didn’t even know about and go in through the back entrance we also didn’t know about. Ugh.

We stayed 90 minutes but felt like we were weaving through hordes of people most of the time. Doing our best to make the most of it, we saw a few animals and enjoyed seeing the grizzly bear up and about for once. So it was not a total loss…but close. We also enjoyed looking at the vegetation near Monkey Island 🙂


Dinner was a hodge podge – leftover Banza macaroni and cheese for Vera (she loved it and no sign of a dairy reaction yet!),


Aladdin’s/leftover salsa for us. Sometimes it’s all about whatever works.


Once again, I was up a couple hours before anyone else. I used part of my time to enjoy oatmeal and coffee in peace, and the rest to conquer my meal prep to-do list:

  • Big batch of oatmeal to freeze
  • Pumpkin muffins –> mostly for Vera but also a little bit for me 🙂
  • Stuffed peppers for tonight’s dinner –> prepped peppers, made filling and stuffed everything
  • Moroccan chicken for Tuesday’s dinner –> chopped veggies
  • Breakfasts for the week

I made it almost all the way through the list before Vera woke up, so I set her up in her high chair with her breakfast while I finished up and did the dishes. Then we all played and watched Arsenal until naptime.

My workout plans for the day took me back to Rise Nation for another Level 2 class. It was once again a killer workout, and I left sweaty and tired but happy. (Having the first class under my belt was definitely an advantage because I was a little more used to the machine and many of the cues.)

A quick shower later, we were off to visit family. Our first stop was Mike’s parents’ house where we hung out with my in-laws and nieces. I played volleyball with Marianna and my hand still hurts…so that’s probably not good. Eesh. 😉

After a few hours, we were off to my parents’ house to visit with my uncle and cousin who were in from Florida. Vera was wary of them at first, but warmed up over time. We went to the park, played with water and bubbles outside, ate pasta, and ran around.

All in all, it was a good weekend but so quick. Hope you all have a great Monday!


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