Vera at 15 months

Vera turned 15 months last week! In truth, I’ve sometimes (ahem, mostly) lost track of how old she is in months but 15 months = a Well Visit at the doctor’s office so that’s how I know for sure. Anyway, here’s an update of our little toddler at 15 months!


Height + weight: Our little tank weighs 22 lbs, 9 oz, and measures 30 inches long. This puts her in the 70th percentile for weight and the 30th for height –> a little lopsided, no? 🙂

She is mostly in 18-month clothes, although the sleeves are long on her (a problem she, like her mom, will probably always have – sorry, kid). Sooome 12-month stuff still fits – mostly shorts – but those pieces are becoming fewer and fewer.


  • Nursing: We are officially done nursing as of early last week! You may recall we dropped to two nursing sessions (morning + night) at 12 months (I stopped pumping). Around maybe 14 months, Vera dropped her morning session. I was shocked because I thought this one would be the last to go (she used to wake up clamouring at me to eat), but one morning out of the blue she wanted me to read to her first and then she toddled into the kitchen. I proceeded with her regular breakfast and then we never looked back. She was still hanging on to the nighttime session though until last week. While we were in Hocking Hills, her teeth were really bothering her and one night she refused to nurse, and then when she tried the following night….there was nothing left. She was more than ready to be done – if I wasn’t around her at night, she wouldn’t take a bottle or even bat an eye, and would still sleep soundly through the night. I am so so so so proud of us for making it this far and I am confident we were both at the right point to be finished with our breastfeeding journey. That makes it hard for me to be too sad about it ending, although of course, I am. Vera isn’t much of a snuggler these days, and those nursing sessions were about as close as I could get most days. ❤
  • Drinking milk: At 12 months, we introduced unsweetened almond milk (she has a dairy intolerance). She would. not. drink it. We also tried unsweetened coconut milk. Nope. Later, we tried regular milk. Nope. But all of a sudden, a few days after she stopped nursing….she starts guzzling her almond milk. I mean from zero ounces to like 3 full sippy cups of it on Friday! I always sort of suspected she refused to drink it because she still had her reliable supply of breastmilk and I believe this confirms it. Stinker! BTW she refused to take a bottle as soon as we stopped with the pumped breastmilk. She now only drinks out of a sippy cup. Woop!
  • Eating regular food: She continues to eat whatever we give her most days. She definitely gets pickier whenever she is teething bad, but usually, that only lasts a few days at most. Her favorites right now seem to be ham, bananas, fresh berries, frozen peas, BROCCOLI and pasta (served any style). Oh and pouches. She is going through a bit of a potato strike right now (regular and sweet) and is hit or miss on eggs, tomatoes and bread. We have also tried ice cream a couple times and she has no interest whatsoever.


Sleeping: Vera has always been a great nighttime sleeper and that hasn’t changed. Her bedtime is around 7 pm, give or take 15 minutes, and some nights we have to keep her awake that late with distraction as she asks to go “nigh nigh” starting around 6:15. She usually wakes up any time between 6 and 7 on her own – some days during the week I need her up closer to 6, other days I let her sleep. Over the weekend, she slept until 7:30 –> bliss!. If there is any disruption, it’s almost always when she is teething and she just wakes up earlyyy, more like 5:15-5:30. We can usually leave her in her crib until a little after 6 though as she is just moving around, chatting and resting.

Her naps are pretty solid now, too. At home, she still takes two strong naps per day. The first is usually a couple hours after she wakes up, and the second is around 3-3.5 hours after she wakes up for the first one. At daycare, she either takes two short naps or one solid nap, depending on her mood.

Talking: She is becoming more and more verbal every day! In addition to “nigh nigh” (sleep, either bedtime or a nap), she often asks to go to “pak” (park) and play “buh-buhl” (bubbles), wants to eat “na-na” (banana), hunts down “dog-gie” that go “woof,” “caks” like a duck, or wants me to “vroom vroom” with her cars. She can also spot “in-nie” (mickey or minnie) from a mile away and asks to do the “haw daw dan” (hot dog dance). Sometimes when I am changing her diaper she says “non-nal” over and over and over again, until I realize she is trying to ask me to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm. When she is hungry she smacks her lips – hahaha.

Playing + toys: Vera LOVES to be outside, preferably at the park or playing with bubbles. Her favorite park activities are the swing, slide and bouncing toy. She also loves dancing (the BEST), playing with her cars and truck, stacking blocks and rings, putting toys in a bin or bag, having me dress and rock her baby doll, and having her daddy chase her. Lately, she loves when I sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and we play Ring around the Rosy (which we do like 10 times in a row sometimes until I am close to losing. my. mind.).

Other favorite toys include her Dumbo pillow (she does like snuggling with that, especially close to bedtime), Gumby, Flappy the elephant, and balls. She likes books, mainly to point at things so we can tell her what they are – she isn’t super interested in sitting still to read an entire book – and also to pull them off and put them back on her bookshelf.


Often Mike and I just watch Vera as she seems to be playing some game in her head – walking from spot to spot, moving things around, putting things away. It’s hilarious and adorable. She seems to be concentrating so hard!

In fact, Vera definitely has a Serious side to her but she can also be incredibly silly – she makes me laugh so hard. She tends to take some time to warm up to a new place but once she does, she loves experiencing new things. Her strong tendency toward being a mama’s girl is still there, for sure. It comes in waves, but it’s very real. However, she clearly loves her daddy as well (although mama was her first word, she rarely calls me that – she definitely wanders around asking for her “da-da” though) and is a big fan of her grandparents and her daycare teachers.

Oh, and she’s working on that hair 🙂 It’s longer in the back (and curly <3) and slowwwwly coming in on top. 🙂

We love you Vera!

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  1. Dumbo pillow’s still a hit? That’s it, she’s getting half of Disney World!


    1. Omg she is obsessed with it!


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